End to a great vacation!

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We walked back to our room to shower and finish packing. The bellman had called the day before to ask when we wanted our bags picked up. Check out is noon, so that’s what we requested. At noon I went to check us out at the lobby and Zung stayed to wait for the bellman. When I returned, the bellman had not yet come. By 12:15 I called the concierge and asked about it. He was supposed to be on his way. By 12:25 we started to take them ourselves as we were down to less than an hour to be able to eat lunch. He arrived as we waited for the elevator.

We went to Las Brisas for lunch. The hostess was the same one from Venecia and she saw us come in and said “Karim, right?” She sat us in his section. It was good to see him again.

We ordered our usual Havana rum and coke for me and Corona for Zung. Zung got the shrimp fajitas again and I got the Kobe Hamburger again. Our other favorite waiter, Alex, delivered it. Sadly, both Karim and Alex no longer work at the Grand. We miss them every time we go back.

We had some dessert and then the only think left to do was leave. We made the sad walk to the lobby. The Apple driver was waiting for us.

When we approached the airport he told us it was very busy and not to let anyone take our bags. I told Zung to give him a little extra tip since he was looking out for us.
We checked in and went through security. We went to the duty-free shop and I looked very longingly at the Havana rum. But I’m a law-abiding citizen (or at least one who is afraid of getting caught), so look is all I did. (We didn’t quite finish the bottle in our room I’m so ashamed to admit). I asked about Tequila because that is what Nicholas wanted and they showed me some mid-priced stuff. I asked what was the best and he showed me a bottle that was $238! I asked for the “not quite the best”, and we got a bottle for a much more reasonable price. I don’t like tequila, so tasting it wouldn’t have helped. I got Susie some perfume and picked up a bottle for myself.

I couldn’t figure out the price and a lady came over to help me. It was $121! She told me it was very exclusive. I wasn’t looking for exclusive and didn’t get sucked in. I bought a less expensive bottle.

Next we went to Margaritaville. I wanted a Coco Loco, which may be my new favorite frou-frou drink. They didn’t have it. I ended up ordering this drink that came in a pineapple.




I’m not sure there was too much alcohol in it. I probably should have just had another Havana rum and coke. Well, there’s always the next trip.

Which is in just a few sleeps!


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