Last day – Part 1

The sad day has come that is the end of our fabulous vacation.

We ordered room service for breakfast.  I set the alarm for 6:30 am because I wanted to get as much time on the beach as possible before we had to leave. I had requested breakfast arrive from 7-7:30 and it arrived shortly after 7. We enjoyed it on the balcony.






After breakfast, we packed our bags, got ready to go to the beach and headed out.




That last picture may have been a repeat, but it’s beautiful enough that I bet you didn’t mind.

It was the earliest we had been out and we had to walk past the main pool to get towels. I saw many of the chairs reserved. Even at the beach, where there are TONS of palapas, some people played the towel game. I have always said that if everyone just used their chairs when they needed them, there would be plenty for everyone.

They were cleaning up seaweed on the beach and they were photographing that couple we saw the night before again, this time in the ocean.



I watched a very young child playing in the ocean. He was having such a good time. He’d jump up and land on his butt, a wave would roll over him and he was at it again right away. Oh, to be so young, fearless and take such enjoyment in such a simple thing.

Carlos came by a couple of times. I tipped him extra and told him it was our last day and thanked him for taking such good care of us. I asked for a Miami Vice. I was in the water when he came around again, and the next time he came by, he had another Miami Vice for me. Did I mention he was the best beach waiter ever? (Although, writing that I do feel compelled to mention Federicko from the Royal Hideaway who introduced me to Havana Rum, for which I will forever be grateful).

We took a walk down past the Lindo, Maya and Beach/Del Mar. There were some cool sand sculptures.





I took a few last pictures.


Kind of dark, I know, but look at that amazing view behind Zung.






We were making the sad walk back to our room to shower and finish packing.

We had one more lunch to look forward to. We would finally get to see a favorite staff member.

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2 Responses to Last day – Part 1

  1. Pghjules says:

    Love the beach early morning. So peaceful! Looking forward to the skinny from your upcoming trip! Just pray you and yours are safe from the wild fires and can enjoy your vacation without worry 🙂

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