Shopping and More Beach Time

Since I hadn’t figured out how to somehow turn 24 hours into 48, we were determined to thoroughly enjoy our last day just as much as the first day.

We had breakfast at Bella Vista. A gentleman came up to me and introduced himself as being a fellow forum poster from Ibero-board.  (I don’t frequent that board any longer).  It was my first rock star moment and I didn’t even know it!

After breakfast we went over to the shopping center.We went to the Lobby and got a ride over to the Commercial Center. The bell by who drove us over thought I said the Convention Center. I guess most people call it the Shopping Center. He drove past the Commercial Center and then pulled up to the Convention Center and I went “Uhhhh, the Shopping Center?”

We needed to get a couple of gifts. We got Patrick a silver bracelet. It had symbols on it and I asked what kind of symbols they were and she told me it was Pre-Hispanic Mayan. Zung thought Patrick would really like that, so we got her to come down a tiny bit on the price. When Patrick wore it to school, some girl told him it was Hebrew. I didn’t know Hebrew was the same as Mayan!?!?!?

We walked around the shopping center and got a couple t-shirts. I love the crepes, but I was still pretty stuffed from breakfast, so we passed this time. We walked back to the Grand. The weather was soooo wonderful the whole week.








The atrium is so pretty.

When we were finished shopping we returned to our room and then it was off to the beach. My good friend, Carlos was there. I loved seeing his smiling face every day. Not only because he kept me well supplied with adult beverages, but because he was always smiling. And he always gave us water. It made me feel like he was looking out for us.

You all know the routine, beach, drinks, lunch at Las Brisa.



I think that is a repeat of that picture. That’s okay though, because it is such a freaking gorgeous view.

More beach, drinks, frolicking in the water. I got taken out by the rocks earlier in our trip, so I didn’t go out very far after that. I think Zung went for a run today. We went to the spa pool. Nothing exciting, just more of the same fabulous time.





Then it was back to the room, get ready for dinner. Havana rum and cokes. Bet you couldn’t have guessed that one

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