Reflections of being a guest and dinner at the Asian

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When we’d had enough beach, we went to the spa. We made a quick stop at the pool bar so I could get a Coco Loco. When we got to the spa, Zung got a healthy drink at the Healthy Bar. (Did I mention how annoying he is sometimes?)

I experienced a bit of a dilemma today. There is always a maid in the spa, mopping up and keeping it looking nice. One day the maid was smiling at me as I blissed out under those heavenly faucets. Today it was a guy maid (is that the right word?) and he was looking at us – the guests – and I was watching him watching us. He would mop up around the water splashed by the faucets and then go on to another area and then someone would go under one of the faucets and it would splash water on the floor and he would go back and mop it up. Isn’t that supposed to be what Hell is like? You never can finish a job, because it’s never DONE?

So, he’s looking at us and I imagine he’s thinking about how it cost more for us to stay here for one day than he’ll make in more than a month. However, if we weren’t staying here, if people like us didn’t stay a places like this, he wouldn’t have a job. We are not independently wealthy. We don’t make our money in dishonorable ways. But, still, it gave me a good, long pause.

Once we were sufficiently blissed out, we went back to the room. We had rum and cokes (works great to ease the guilt).

Then it was off to Haiku for dinner.

Tonight we were able to sit at a Teppanyaki table. I got the tempura veggies for an appy. Zung got the Saigon rolls, which were supposed to be wrapped in rice paper, but both times he ordered them, they were wrapped in seaweed. He also got soup. We had wine. More people came to the table. It was a long, leisurely dinner. I ordered shrimp and the beef fillet and Zung ordered …something. The chef came and made the fried rice – sooo good. Next he made the veggies and meat, and all other stuff. The shrimp was good, but he got flustered about an order and the fillet got totally overcooked. I only ate a couple bites, but certainly didn’t go hungry. Zung got the fried banana split like thing for dessert. I just drank more wine.

Actually, I know now that they always overcook the beef. I never order beef anymore at the Teppanyaki table. They actually overcook everything, but it is most noticeable with the beef.

We saw Kevin and Amy come in (the cute Colorado newlyweds).  I went over and said hi.

After our leisurely dinner, we went to the Lobby Bar for a bit. There was a sax player. When it was time for the show,  we went to the Theatre. It was casino night and we played a little Black Jack. All I can say is it’s a good thing it wasn’t for real money. I’ve never played Black Jack at a real table , but always wanted to. It was fun to do so in a “safe” way.

It was the Magic Show tonight, which was the same as we saw last year. It was pretty good, although I know enough about magic for it to ruin some of the tricks for me. A lot of the acts involved the magician’s very attractive lady assistant who must have been a contortionist. I thought, “She does all the hard stuff and he gets all the credit! Figures!”

We went back to our room, or maybe we went back  to the Lobby Bar.

Eventually we went to our room. After the first two nights of no turn down service we started putting the “Please Make Up Room” sign up and got turn down service every night.

It’s so nice to come back to the room all straightened up. They light a candle under some scented oil. A few times they left chocolates, but not every time. Which is not terribly disappointing, because I’m kind of a chocolate snob (some might say connoisseur), and they weren’t that good.

We filled out the “Deliver breakfast to us in the morning” card, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow is our last full day. I hate it when that happens!


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