Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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I was feeling okay when we headed for lunch.

There was a cat that came out by the front of Las Brisa and yelled at us to pet him. He was pure muscle and he demanded attention. I thought my male cat at home was lean and mean, but this guy makes him look like a puff-ball. He made the rounds of the tables outside, I hope someone rewarded him.

I washed my hands of the cat germs (I’m a nurse and my germaphobia has gotten worse over the years). I ordered the Kobe Burger again and Zung ordered the shrimp fajitas. The waiter who had told us about the fajitas delivered them to us. He thought it was pretty cool that Zung liked the shrimp fajitas enough to order them again and HE was the one who told us about them. He noticed we hadn’t been there the day before. Some of the employees here have the most amazing memories. He was working outside, so he wasn’t our waiter today. Made me wish we were eating outside.

But when he put down my Kobe Burger and said “You really like those.” I took one look at it and thought “Not today.”  I suddenly felt like crap. I had sucked down one glass of water and quickly drank another. I felt better, but definitely not up for a Kobe Burger. I tried a couple bites and my stomach said “You have got to be kidding me! Go get some fruit!” So I got some cantaloupe and tomatoes from the buffet. That tasted great, but I passed on anything else.

Zung ate about half of my burger so it wouldn’t go to waste. This was AFTER he polished off his shrimp fajitas. Did I mention how much he can eat? That and his desire to exercise for fun are so annoying – it’s a wonder I’ve managed to stay married to him for 29 years. (For the record, we are now about to celebrate our 34th anniversary).

Las Brisa serves breakfast also, but we never ate here. I wondered if the service would have been better than Bella Vista, because it certainly was for lunch. Bellas Vista serves lunch as well, and we never ate there for lunch. It didn’t start until one pm and we usually got hungry before that. Or I think we did. Remember, I wasn’t wearing a watch.  But I would check the time from Zung every day to I was sure to pull myself out of the sun by noon. Still got some red on my back and chest.

Anyway, the lunch at Las Brisa was quite varied. They had hot soup and cold soup, lots of bread, pizza and pasta. Grilled chicken and fish, and various cooked vegetables, lots of cold fruits (mango – yum!) and veggies and salads and shrimp and some big roast thing or the other. I tried the lamb and it was tough and overcooked, so I didn’t try that stuff again. But one day they had this giant fish covered in salt. It was impressive. There were cold meats and cheeses. Lots of desserts, including ice cream. I honestly don’t know how someone could go in there and not find SOMETHING to totally stuff themselves with.

They also have an ala carte menu, with fish and beef fillet and lobster (which I previously mentioned I was disappointed in, but other people must have liked ‘cause there were always several on the grill). And then, on top of ALL that, they would make fajitas or quesadillas for you if you asked. I feel stuffed just writing about it.

After lunch, we returned to the beach. Had more drinks. Then the thought occurred to me, I’ve had HOW many drinks and just a few pieces of cantaloupe and tomato? I better get something else to eat, or I know I will be sorry. The next time Carlos came around I asked him if he could bring me some food. He asked what I wanted. Chips with guacamole and salsa sounded like it would definitely hit the spot. He asked if I wanted anything else (he listed some more substantial offerings, but I declined). The chips, guac and salsa were so yummy. We polished them off.



And that little snack kept me from embarrassing myself from all drink and not enough eat.




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