How did it get to be Day 6?!

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Day 6 – How did it get to be Day 6!
I’m waaay over half done with my vacation. I never like being on the second half.
I’m having a great time. Somebody call the authorities! There must be something that someone can do to slow this down.

Sadly, there is nothing to be done, but enjoy every last minute, drink and bite of food.

Breakfast was at Bella Vista. This morning was the morning they brought me water for my tea and told me to go get a tea bag from the buffet. They didn’t leave the coffee pot for Zung and we had to keep flagging a waiter down for more coffee. I ordered a Mimosa and he forgot. I don’t get it. The waiters seem to always be busy, they sure weren’t standing around shootin’ the breeze. But it’s like they aren’t trained well. And at a place like the Grand, that just doesn’t make sense. (This was a one-off. The service every other time since has been outstanding).

Today was no different from the five that have preceded it. Breakfast was followed by the beach, The always attentive and charming Carlos brought water and took drink orders. I alternated between reading and looking at that gorgeous site in front of me.



This one was not in front of me, but gorgeous none the less.


I can’t read anything that takes too much attention because there are these frequent interruptions to drink in the view.



Andrea’s Happy Place – Note to self, “Return here often.”

I did read a couple of thoroughly enjoyable beach books. One was “Confessions of a Shoe Addict” – I can soooo relate. The other was “The Next Thing On My List”. That was about a woman who gets in a car accident with a 24-year-old woman she basically met at a Weight Watchers meeting, and gave a ride home to. The 24-year-old dies in the accident and the main character finds a list in her wallet of things she wants to do by the time she turns 25, with only 2 crossed off. So she decides to finish the list for her/in honor of her. Sounds deep, but it was pretty light, chick lit type of reading, but the kind of book that gets you thinking.

This was the day it was warm and breezy and I thought to myself, “It would be easy to get dehydrated today because the breeze keeps you from feeling hot. I’ll have to remember to drink lots of water.”

Let’s just say I think I failed miserably at accomplishing that particular goal.



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