Trip Advisor Friend Meet and Greet

We dressed for dinner and then went to the lobby bar. I had a Kir Royale and Zung had his first Margarita of the trip.



I had arranged to meet a Trip Advisor friend and her new husband. Zung thinks it’s a little weird that I set up meetings with people I’ve met online. With only one exception, the people I’ve met through Trip Advisor have been great. Some of these meetings have turned into long-term friendships.

We were supposed to meet newlyweds, Amy and Kevin, at the Lobby Bar at 6:30. She said she had very long hair and they had lots of tattoos. I told her we were an Asian guy and a white chick who looks much younger than him.

She came up to me, which is a good thing, because she had pinned up her hair and they were dressed so you couldn’t see much of their tattoos. They were a really nice and cute couple. They lived in Colorado also. The guys made fun of us girls’ obsession with the forums and boards about Playa and how much we are on them.

Our dinner ressies were at 7, so we left and told told them we planned to come back to the Lobby Bar after dinner.

Dinner was at the Gourmet, Latelier.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe ordered a bottle of red wine.



They start you off with an amuse bouche.

I had the Lobster Salad with Asparagus. I can’t remember what Zung had. I think I had the lamb, and I can’t remember what Zung had. (I used to be a terrible food reporter – I’ve gotten so much better!).

For dessert I had the Canelon (Canelloni), which was scrumptious. Zung had the Chocolate Sweets.




After dinner, we took a stroll around the pool. It was very pretty, all lit up.



We returned to the Lobby Bar. I had a Blue Hawaii, which is more about how it looks than how it tastes, which was kind of boring. Definitely a girly starter drink.


Amy and Kevin showed up and we chatted a bit more and drank a bit more.


We thought about going to the theatre show, but never made it. Sometimes we are such old farts, it’s a shame. But I’m sure we did something today that justified how tired we felt at only 11pm.

And we would do more of it tomorrow.




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