Andrea vs Waves (Waves Win!)

Every night I wake up for a while around 4 am. It’s a little weird. With each passing day I seem to get better at falling back to sleep. There were several mornings that I woke up pretty early and thought, I should go take a picture of the sunrise, like all those other peeps do. Never happened. Being awake is one thing. Moving is another.

We had breakfast a Bella Vista. This morning I had a mimosa. I had planned to have one every day and kind of forgot. (I’ve gotten much better at this). I’ve got some catching up to do.



You know, it is nothing short of amazing how much we can drink at sea level. Very little buzz (and trust me, I was trying) and no hangovers. well, usually no hangovers.

Bella Vista was a breakfast lovers paradise. It has an omelet station where I would ask for a single scrambled egg. They also had all kinds of fancy pre-made egg dishes, including something with quail eggs, which are so tiny, you’d have to eat ten to notice. They had bacon and sausage and all kinds of fancy sausage. They had lovely fresh fruit and finally the mango made an appearance. There was junky cereal and healthy cereal . There were the fresh donuts Zung loved so much. There were all kinds of breads and pastries. There were pancakes, waffles (I liked the waffles with maple syrup) and they would make French toast for you, but it always seems a bit soggy for me. There were about eight kinds of fresh juices. There was yogurt and bottled smoothies. There were cheeses and cold meats. There were crackers and biscuits and bars. Bella Vista was the type of place that could convert a non-breakfast lover. Or maybe that’s, non-lover of breakfast.

One day at the pool I saw a pile of those bars, like 6 of them, on someone’s towel. You’d think there was a food shortage with hoarding like that. There is definitely no food shortage at the Grand.

We walked around and took some pictures. The Grand is so beautiful, everywhere.





Today was like all the other days. We went to the beach. As we walked to the towel hut I was trying to remember how to say towels in Spanish. I kept thinking it was “tawaddes”. She seemed pleased that I tried. (She may have just gotten a good laugh for the day too).

The wonderful Carlos came by with water and a tray of drinks. I took a Miami Vice. I told him he was my best friend.  Zung had a mojito.


The weather was amazing. It was warm, but not blistering hot and the humidity was the lowest it has ever been. The other times we’ve been to Playa before this were late May through August and I was surprised how much of a difference coming 3 weeks earlier seemed to make.

I had some fun in the water.



I love the Grand!




Some of these waves are pretty big!




A wave got me, but good! I almost lost the bottom half of my suit.

Zung had some fun in the water as well. He was more careful though.







What a bod. He put those guys half his age to shame. He excercises all the time because he likes it. I hate that about him. (This isn’t true anymore. More often than not, I am encouraging him to go to the gym with me.)



For lunch today we went back to our room to order room service. Last year we had gotten this fabulous shrimp and avocado salad that I had been dreaming about all year. The maid was cleaning our room, so we went to meet with the Apple rep to get our airport transportation time moved. They had us down as being picked up at 11 am, but our plane didn’t leave until 5. They had us down for a different flight, so he changed it to 1:20. Still on the early side, but we could deal. We saw a butler and I asked him to come show me how my iPod worked on the docking station. It was something simple, just something needed to be plugged in that wasn’t. I asked him where our ice bucket was and he said he had taken it to fill it. His name was Rodolpho. We made rum and cokes without ice, because it took awhile for him to bring it back filled.

We ordered the aforementioned shrimp and avocado salad, some lobster soup and a club sandwich. The shrimp and avocado salad was just as good as I remember, but the soup, which was packed with lobster, was awful. Way too salty to eat. What is it that they do to their lobster to make it so damn salty?

After lunch we went back to the beach. A group of about eight European single men showed up. Ugh! They were loud and really changed the ambience of the peaceful beach. When it suddenly got quiet I looked up and they were eating. I know an insurance group came in, so they may have been with that. I kind of can’t imagine a bunch of single guys deciding to go to the Grand for a guys vacation. I may be stereotyping though.

We went to the main pool today so I could float around. Way too much activity for me. There was football throwing and basketball and it was too much. We stayed for about an hour and that was the last time we went to the main pool.

We still had our Trip Advisor friends meet and greet to look forward to this evening.


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