The Man of My Dreams

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Day 4 – It was another beautiful day in Paradise.

I love Playa. I love Mexico. I love the Grand. I love being on vacation. I love drinking Havana rum. I was really enjoying being able to indulge all of my loves.

We went to Bella Vista for breakfast. Wow, the service here was pretty bad. The food was pretty good though and it certainly wasn’t bad enough to ruin our vacation. But it really stood out in pretty stark contrast to all the other restaurants. I think this was the morning I asked for hot tea and they brought the tea bags and I had to ask twice for hot water.

After breakfast, we got ready for the beach and left a note asking that the ice bucket holding  the champagne be refilled. We stopped at the towel hut and I was so proud of myself when I said “Quatro!” (That’s “four” for those of you whose Spanish is even more rudimentary than mine.) She smiled and said “Quatro what?”

Uhhhhh – “Por favor?”

She replied “Quatro toallas.” I dutifully repeated it a couple of times, and she gave me our towels. You wouldn’t think this would be a hard word to remember, would you? I struggled to remember it, though.

We settled ourselves  on the beach.



It was not long before “He” arrived, the man of my dreams. I was laying there, reading, minding my own business. He casually strolled up and introduced himself.  His name was Carlos. He was carrying a tray of cold water bottles. He told us that Friday was his day off, but he was here the rest of the week. He was quite possibly the best beach waiter EVER. He asked if there anything we wanted to drink? We ordered a Miami Vice and a Havana and coke, “Mas fuertes.” (Yes, he laughed).


Now, as in right now, and not in the now of when the trip took place, I will say that Carlos has a special place in my heart. But of course, everyone knows that I consider Humberto the best beach waiter ever. He doesn’t do that anymore. He is the lobby bartender, and he is excellent at that and I enjoy getting to chat with him at the bar in a way that I couldn’t when he was a beach waiter. He is a great bartender, but he was the best beach waiter I have ever had.

Carlos now seems to tend bar at the pool bar quite frequently. I’m not sure if he still is a beach waiter. I will have to ask him when I see him next month.

We now return to our trip report: Every morning Carlos brought around cold water and insisted we take some. We did not yet know how wonderful he would be. As usual, we tipped him when he brought our drinks and he said “Oh, thank you so much.”


I have a funny (sort of) story about Carlos. On our next Gradn vacation he was our beach waiter. However, he didn’t show up on our last day and I knew it was not his day off. The waiter we had that day did not know where Carlos was and seemed to get uncomfortable when I asked. I posted on the forums that I would like to know if anyone saw him and someone posted that they had asked about him and been told he “passed out” and she asked, “do you mean passed away?” and they were told yes. I thought he had died. I was so sad about it. Then on another trip I was sitting at the concierge desk and who should walk up with a big smile on his face, but my wonderful Carlos. My jaw dropped. I think there was a moment of me opening and closing my mouth, not quite sure what to say. I finally settled on , “I haven’t seen you in a while.” I was so surprised, but so very, very glad he was alive and well.

He is one of my favorites and is one of the people I look for when I first get to the Grand.

So now you know the story of the man of my dreams.



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  1. Funny story! Carlos makes an amazing mojito! He does magic with the lime:)

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