Room Service Breakfast and The Secret Menu for Lunch

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Our third day of vacation started out sunny and bonito. Last night we had decided to have room service for breakfast and filled out the “deliver breakfast to us tomorrow morning” card. We woke up about two minutes before they knocked on our door. It was a feast! American eggs – fried with cheese on top (the cheese here doesn’t melt, it’s kind of weird) with sauce, bacon, waffles (they brought two plates of waffles), an omelet for Zung, two plates of fresh fruit, orange juice, mango juice (this will become important later), pastries/breads, coffee and tea.



The waffles are some of the best I’ve ever had. They have a nice sweet taste to them. The fruit is always amazing. It was a really nice start to our eating for the day. All that was missing was a Mimosa. I’m sure they would have brought one if I had asked.

We stuffed ourselves, greased up, went to the concierge to make dinner ressies for the next three nights and headed out to heaven, errr, I mean the beach.

We never had any trouble getting chairs. Today we parked ourselves on the north side of Building #70. The chairs on this side are fancier, padded and wicker with pillows. Don’t ask me why they have nicer chairs in this quarter of the beach, but they do. But, truth be told, they are really not that much better than the regular beach loungers that are kind of a mesh material and sooooo much better than the tortureloungers that are everywhere else. They may be different colors, but they are made to torture and that’s it. Even the Royal Hideaway has these beach loungers.

We seriously looked at the Valetin Riviera Maya for this trip because it was sooo much cheaper. But two big factors that brought us back to the Grand were the Valentin has no Havana rum (or it’s limited, so I hear) and they have the tortureloungers.

So, we found comfy chairs, and parked our butts for the day. We enjoyed the always beautiful scenery. It’s the same every day and it amazes me every day with how gorgeous it is. I love the sound too. I saw some people with iPods plugged in their ears and I wanted to pull them out and say, “But, you’re missing half the experience!” That kind of behavior is generally frowned upon, so I restrained myself.

We looked at this for a while.



For some variety, we then looked at this.


Zung went for a run today. If I could figure out how to run without spilling my drink, I might join him. That’s a lie. I haven’t run in 30 years. One of my “Don’ts” on vacation is exercising. He enjoys running on the beach though, and bought these fancy beach running shoes.



Our beach waiter came by and I asked for a mango colada. Last year I was told “No mango!”, which made me sad, because I love mango coladas. But see, I had that mango juice this morning, so I could think of no good reason they couldn’t make a mango colada. He asked if I had gotten it on the beach or at the pool bar and I said neither, but I’d had mango juice for breakfast. He went to ask and came back and told me they would make it with a fresh mango, “That will be better than using juice.” Works for me. It was yummy.

When we got hungry, we went for lunch. Our waiter asked if we wanted fajitas or quesadillas. “They are not on the menu, but they will make them for you.” This waiter was the awesome Alex. He was one of our favorites. He moved away from the area and is no longer at the Grand. I miss him every time I eat breakfast at Bella Vista and lunch at Las Brisa.

Zung ordered shrimp fajitas and loooved them. I had originally declined because they had a leg of lamb at the buffet and I’d gotten a piece, and the piece she gave me was HUGE! It was also terrible, dry and tough. So I asked our wonderful waiter for some chicken and cheese quesadillas. They were very good.

After Zung cleaned his plate our waiter said, “You liked them, yes? Now you know.” The fajitas must have been popular, because now they ARE on the menu. You still have to ask for the quesadillas.

We went back to the beach for more reading and relaxing and drinking. If they ever make drinking on the beach an Olympic event, I’m in.

After awhile I suggested we get my pool float and head to the tranquility pool.



We did that for about an hour and then we went back to our room to get ready for dinner. When we left our room I put the “Please Make Up Room” sign on the door, because we hadn’t gotten Turn-Down service the first two nights and I hoped this would ensure we got it tonight.

We headed to dozen or so steps it was to our restaurant for the night.


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