Dinner at Venecia

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Our dinner reservations were at Venecia, which is the Italian restaurant. However,  it’s not Chicken Parm and Lasagna. They have recently changed their menu. Check it out on my Menus and Maps page. I would describe the menu during this trip as having more of a northern Italian influence.

We walked to the restaurant which is by the lobby. It was a little further away than the other restaurants, which were all practically outside our door. We gave the hostess our reservation receipt, which our butler had left for us in our room.

I asked if Karim still worked there. Karim had been our waiter at Venecia last year, both times that we ate here. He was simply awesome. He did, but he was working at the Surf and Turf tonight. She assured me we would get just as excellent a waiter and seated us at one of Jorge’s tables. Jorge was very professional and provided us with excellent service. But, he wasn’t Karim. He was so serious. Karim was fun, and I hoped we would see him at some point during our trip.

(Karim no longer works at the Grand, but he did for many years of our vacations there and we always enjoyed seeing him).

We ordered a bottle of red wine. I love this picture because it looks like the flower is coming out of the wine bottle.

It was a Shiraz Cabernet. This was back in the day when I could drink such a big red wine.


For appies I had the salmon carpaccio and Zung had the calamari (or “squidies” as he calls them). We ordered the shrimp and lobster risotto to share, and both ordered the sea bass.

First they brought our appies. Then they brought the rest all together, instead of the risotto as a separate course. The risotto was probably the very best thing we ate the entire trip. It was so good. The sea bass was good, but not quite as good as last year. I had the tiramisu for dessert and Zung had the Pears in Grappa. Both were very tasty.





After such a grueling day the only thing we had energy for was to go back to the room for after dinner drinks and then to sleep. These were the days before we embraced hanging out at the lobby bar until it closed. Or even hanging out at the lobby bar at all.

We felt like we had all we needed for a good after dinner drink in our room.



We read (as best one can after drinking a bottle of wine, and then a rum and coke) and then went to sleep. It’s important to be well rested in preparation for lounging on the beach. We did both exceptionally well.



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