First Breakfast and First Beach Day

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May 1st. It was our 2nd day of vacation. The plan had been to get a good night’s sleep so we would be well rested in preparation for laying on the beach all day.

I woke up in the middle of the night. 4 o’clock is this insomniac’s preferred time to wake up. I don’t tend to sleep well the first night in a strange bed. I usually take Ambien to combat this recurring phenomenon. However, it’s not recommended to combine Ambien and alcohol. Between the champagne and wine and rum, I had consumed more than the recommended allowance of alcohol to combine with Ambien.

I eventually fell back to sleep and then we both woke up early. I am not generally a “sleep in late, on vacation” type of person. Wish I was. But I’m not.

The drapes completely block out any outside light, so Zung got up and peeked outside. “It’s sunny!”

You can’t tell it’s sunny from this picture, but it was a pretty awesome morning view.


We got dressed and walked to Bella Vista for breakfast. That involved walking out of our room, making a left turn, walking about a dozen steps to the stairs, walking down two flights of stairs, and there was Bella Vista!

At this time, the Grand had three options for breakfast, Bella Vista, which is the buffet restaurant in the main building, Las Brisa, the building right off the beach (I havent seen them serve breakfast for a number of visits), and room service.

We were seated and the waiter came over and asked if we wanted coffee. Zung said yes and I asked for hot tea. The waiter plopped down a carafe and walked away. We had no idea it had coffee in it and when he came back and saw that Zung had not poured it himself, the waiter poured it. I have to say I was surprised the waiter didn’t pour it. This was in contrast to last year when they brought you a cup of coffee and if you asked for a second cup, they brought you more coffee in a clean cup. Nowadays they pour you a cup, leave the carafe and pour you more if they see your cup empty. They have definitely worked this out. If they are busy, you can pour more for yourself. Unless you’re some coffee diva that needs someone else to pour it all the time.

Zung got what he always gets, an omelet and fruit and fresh donut. Sorry guys, no pictures of food this trip, with the exception of some desserts. But lots of pictures of delicious drinks.



I had fruit, but was disappointed there was no mango because last year it was sooo yum. I  also had a scrambled egg and a croissant.

Breakfast was done and the next task was to make dinner reservations. We went to the concierge. On our way we saw Eduardo, our butler, who asked how things were and was there anything we needed? I said no, he got me my Havana rum, so I was good. We made dinner ressies for Venecia, the Italian. I was hoping our amazing waiter, Karim, from last year would be there. We had no problem getting the time we wanted for any of our dinner reservations.

But nowadays, it is highly recommended you make all your reservations shortly after yuo arrive. When it is busy, the time slots fill up.

We greased up with sunscreen and headed out to the beach. We parked ourselves on the south side of building #70, which is the Ocean Front building that is next to the Maya. The advantage is that the water is more swimmable than what is in front of building #71.

It wasn’t long before a waiter was out to get our first drink order. A Miami Vice, which is half Strawberry Daiquiri and half Pińa Colada.



I sat there, looking at the ocean, listening to the ocean, smelling the ocean, feeling the ocean breeze on my body. I was in heaven. I think I probably had a big, silly grin on my face. I was so happy to be there.






The Grand is definitely, and has been for years, my happy place.

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2 Responses to First Breakfast and First Beach Day

  1. Bonnie Bryan says:

    Hi, Andrea… I definitely thought about you and your husband this week when my husband had to be hospitalized in Playa… it’s a scary thing to be away from home when you have a medical situation. Also thought of you as I got to know the cab drivers on the many trips I had to make between Playa and Barcelo. We’re home now, and things are looking up, but I’ve never made a trip to Mexico before where we literally didn’t even get to see the ocean. I’m hoping to see the humor in this someday. 🙂 I enjoy your blog!

    • shoediva50 says:

      Bonnie – I hope everything is ok now. It is scary and I hope your husband got as good care as mine did. And I hope you had more good taxi drivers than the bad and ugly. I have to say, it’s been almost five years and I still don’t see any humor in our experience! I hope your next trip to Playa is better. All of mine have certainly been!

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