Rum, Lobster, Wine and Rum

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Tomorrow we are supposed to get 2-4″ of snow. Okay, Mother Nature, it’s not funny any more. April showers usually means rain, and while I don’t love rain, I would prefer to have to take an umbrella to work as opposed to my down coat.

A couple pics from the airport I forgot to post.







We have arrived at the Grand and depart our van and are taken inside. Paolo greets us and checks us in. She tells us the standard room we booked is being upgraded to an ocean view room. A waitress from the Lobby Bar brings us welcome drinks. There is a choice of champagne, which I take, and a fruity drink, which Zung chooses. I have thought for years the fruity drink was alcohol free, but Daniel informed me that it is not. If you are doing the alcohol free thing, be forewarned. They will bring you something else if you ask for something without alcohol.

If you compare the picture below with the picture above you will see that my hair was not doing well with the humidity.



I exchanged US$ for pesos so we would have plenty to tip with and our bell boy took us to our room. We were impressed with the amount of ocean in our ocean view.



We also had a view of the spa and the buildings of the Maya.



Sitting on the sofa, we could gaze at the ocean. Awesome!

There was a welcome letter and shortly after we arrived, our butler, Eduardo, showed up. He inquired as to whether we wanted  him to unpack for us. Uhhhh, no thanks. Frankly, I didn’t want him handling my sexy lingerie – I’d never be able to look him in the eye again.

We requested the pillows of our choice, down for me, foam for Zung. I told Eduardo that  we’d already made dinner reservations by email and he said he’d check on that. He showed us the mini-bar and I asked for a full bottle of Havana Club. He frowned and said usually they only have full bottles of the liquors that are in the mini bottles. I gave him my best pleading look and he said he could ask room service to bring us some and then ask them to leave the bottle.

I dressed for dinner and performed the ceremonial removal of the watch (CROTW).


Then room service showed up with a full, unopened bottle of Havana Club. I was a happy camper. They also brought an almost full bottle of Barcari, which we never touched. I mean. Why drink Bacardi when you have Havana? I can get Bacardi at home. I can, but I don’t.


I tried to call the kids. Couldn’t get through. The next morning I finally figured out I was short a 0. I was dialing 01 and then the number, and I needed to be dialing 001. Nowadays, my iPhone is smart enough to do all that for me. I guess that’s why they call it a smart phone and not a smart person’s phone.

I sat on the balcony and gazed at the ocean, so happy to be here at last.

Zung was finally ready for dinner (who says women take longer to get ready – NOT true!). The restaurants were mere steps from our door. We were in Building 72 on the 2nd (which is really the 3rd) floor.

We dined at the Asian restaurant, Haiku, tonight. We sat at a regular table (as opposed to a teppanyaki table. We both had lobster. It was a little dry. However, last year they didn’t have any lobster because it was not in season, so I was happy they had it this year. They seem to have worked out the “not in season” thing, because now they always have it. As I have mentioned before, you can have lobster for every meal.

We had a bottle of red wine, which was appropriately dry. The first few years that the Grand was open, they made these little capes for the wine bottles. It was like a ritual, watching them do it, making sure it was nice and snug. They don’t do that anymore.



The entrance to the restaurant is a nice place for a picture.




Tired from our travel day, we returned to our room after dinner. We were disappointed that there had been no turn down service. But there was that bottle of Havana Club, waiting to be opened for the very first time. We had an after dinner drink on the balcony. We drank the rum straight and smooth.

We had gotten this liquid/liquor adventure off to a good start.





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2 Responses to Rum, Lobster, Wine and Rum

  1. candy says:

    Love that you are going back and telling your 2nd trip to the Grand. I had no idea that your 2nd trip was only a about a week after my first. We could have met years ago! I had a bout with insomnia or something last night and I went back and read your ERC report. I had been given a hard time about going back to the same place multiple times so I started to question myself. After re-reading your report I am so happy I am sticking with the Grand again and again. I love it and can go back as many times as I want!

    • shoediva50 says:

      I think that’s very smart Candy. When people give you a hard time tell them that after you got married you did’t need to check out other men! So why would you need to go to another resort when the Grand makes you happy? For me, it just gets better and better.

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