Mexico is a tease and sad good-byes

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I wake up at 7:15. I notice that Karen found her way to her bed during the night. I hop out of bed and dress and get chairs on the beach and then go to Bella Vista for breakfast. I head back to the room and then to the beach.

I am so excited! It is a sunny and gorgeous day. Of course it is! We are leaving today. Karen walks/skips out to join me. See, the thing about Karen is, she doesn’t wear socks when she power walks. And she should. She got blisters early on in the week and just put band aids on them and kept walking. Then she ran out of band aids and she kept walking. Now she is one hurting girl.

I know the cure! Please bring us a Havana and coke and my friend here will have a Siete on ice. Rum cures everything. ‘Cept a hangover. A hangover cures rum.

We take a few beach pics in the gorgeous sun. Oh, where have you been all week?





It looks like, from our expressions, that the water is a bit on the chilly side.

At ten minutes before eleven, we go back to our room.

Shower. Pack. Dress.


There is still some Havana Siete left in the bottle. Actually, it is our second bottle. Karen feels bad about leaving an unfinished bottle, after they were so nice to bring it to us. But of course, she only drinks it on ice, and there is no ice. She goes and gets some ice, and sees our butler, Charly. She comes back to the room and gets money to give him a tip. He has been the best butler, EVER. She tells him this and starts to tear up. Karen’s emotional that way.

The bell boy comes and gets our bags. He has to call us because we had put the Do Not Disturb sign up so the maid would know we were still in there. We let him in and he takes our bags and we go down to the concierge to check out.

Except that we can’t because it is a few minutes past noon and we will have to go to the lobby to check out. Oh, brother. This is not a huge deal for me, but every step Karen takes is painful because of her blisters.

We take a golf cart to the Lobby. We check out and then go back outside and ask for a golf cart to go back to Las Brisa for lunch. It is busy and we have to wait. I could have walked it, but Karen looked at me like I had lost my mind. Oh, right, the blisters. You really need to get some socks, chica. She tells me they are too thick and I tell her they have made huge advancements in socks in recent years.

While we are waiting for a golf cart, Shirley from PR comes out to say goodbye. I ask her if she has her phone so I can see a picture of her baby Isavelle. She does and the baby is so cute! She is a proud mama. She says she lives on site and can go see her during the day on her breaks.

The golf cart arrives and we go to Las Brisa for lunch. I didn’t take pictures, but I’m sure it was good as always.

After lunch we go back to Building 70 in search of a golf cart ride to the lobby. We see Charly. “We’re baaaaaacccckkkkk!” We get in his golf cart and head towards the lobby. About midway, another cart passes us and a blonde woman says, “Hi Karen and Andrea!” I can’t believe it! It is Ellen and Pods from last year. Can’t believe we, literally, just missed them. (She says they had a great time).

Charly’s golf cart is running out of juice, so Karen doesn’t need to worry about him going too fast. In fact, we barely make it to the lobby.

There are good-byes to Charly and then we go sit at the Lobby Bar and drink champagne. Champagne is like rum, it usually makes everything better, but I keep tearing up about leaving. I’m not usually like this. Sniff, sniff.

I am on the lookout for Stephanie. She is supposed to be checking in and we have communicated about trying to meet up to say hi and have a drink, if there is time. It is about 5 minutes before our ride arrives when she comes over. She says she feels like she knows us, from reading my blog. We have a quick chat and then Cancun Valet is there. We say good-bye to Stephanie, jealous that her vacation is just beginning and ours is over.

Ride to the airport. Check-in. Security. Duty-free shop. I look longingly at the Havana rum, but I only have my travel bag, and now I realize why I need a backpack when I travel. It is a long walk from the plane to Immigration and Customs when I get to Denver, so I pass the rum by.

I get presents for the kids and Zung. I buy Zung a hoody from Margaritaville. Partly because I know he will like it, but partly because I want to wear it on the plane, which always seems to be cold going back to Denver.

Karen goes to Margaritaville and has a Margarita. She says they are the best.

There are sad goodbyes.


But it’s not really good-bye, it’s “see you next year. Same time. Same place.”




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  1. I am so glad we were able to meet and talk, if only for a few minutes. I do feel as if I know you :-). I can’t wait to read about your next trip and I sincerely hope I get to make another “guest appearance”.

    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!

  2. That was the CRAZIEST thing, when you two went by on that golf cart!! You know what else? We were taken up to our room, and they said our butler would be there shortly- when he came in, it was Charly, BREATHLESS from hustling back after taking you to the front! Sooooo close! Pods & I are not going next year, but I may be there for a girls trip- hopefully we’ll overlap for more than a drive by next time! xo

  3. Great trip report you will love the beaches of tulum see you next time same channel

  4. Another fabulous trip report!! I’m sad that it has come to an end, but I know there will be more to look forward to soon! I always love hearing about your adventures with Karen and I was happy to finally have met her (she was another nice New Yorker). Cheers to you Chica A!

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