Rum, chocolate martinis and cucumber mojitos, OH MY!

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It appears that the Lobby Bar is THE place to be tonight. It is crowded, but we find a spot to sit at the bar. I am sad to learn that it is Humberto’s night off and I didn’t get to say        good-bye to him last night. (It’s all good, Humberto and I have been in touch several times since I’ve been back).

I am feeling buzzed from the champagne at dinner, so I drink water for a while. Karen drinks Havana Siete. She makes fun of me for drinking water.

We see Sue and Jim from the night before. Michael, one of the Toronto dudes comes over to chat. His friends come over and I talk to Morgan, the pharmacist, for quite a bit. It was the kind of conversation that involved me asking him a lot of questions and him answering them and then him waiting for me to ask him more questions. I was starting to feel like my head was going to explode. Conversations like that are never fun. He was a nice enough guy, but perhaps thought he was more interesting than he was.

Thankfully, it was about the time I was ready to break a glass so that I could slit my wrists that Alfonso came by. And he had RUM! It was the bottle we had pretty much killed a couple of nights ago. There wasn’t a lot left, but enough for two glasses and a long conversation. We talked about the Grand, their plans for the future, although I’m pretty sure he did not divulge any trade secrets. He did tell me that L’Atelier and Venecia would be getting new menus – which has happened. Check out the Menus and Maps page for the new menus. We talked about the Grand’s competitors, where Alfonso had worked before and his son. He says they are at virtually 100%, with about 100 people leaving the next day. That would include us. We, of course, also talked about rum. He is a nice man and we had a nice conversation.  We finished our rum and he said good-bye.

I have to say that I think he and his team do an incredible job with the Grand. I know it isn’t the perfect resort for everyone, but it is the perfect resort for me and it obviously ticks most boxes for a lot of other people, as evidenced by the great reviews it gets and the high number of repeat guests they have.

Juan is helping Daniel at the bar tonight. He has the face of a felon, until he smiles and then his entire face lights up. He makes Karen and I chocolate martinis. It is decent.




As the night turns to early morning, the bar quiets down. Daniel makes me a cucumber mojito. It will be my last until my next visit. It is nearly closing when we finally say good-bye to Daniel.



There are hugs and kisses and then we are flying through the night (to Karen’s dismay) in a golf cart. She drops her purse and the driver has to come to a screeching halt and back up so she can get it.

Back at the room there is a bubble bath. It’s Karen’s turn to get devoured by the bubbles.







Karen goes out to the balcony and sits on the swing. I write some notes about our evening to help me remember when I write my blog. It is late. (Recognize that picture on my home screen?)



It took five shots to get a decent picture of the time, three from the TV cable box (it has so many buttons that I’ve never pushed!) and two from my phone. And, by the way, for people who care, they now have flat screen TV’s. I don’t watch enough TV to care, but some people do (you wouldn’t believe the number of times the fact that the Grand had non-flat screen TV’s was mentioned). A reliable source told me they are getting larger TV’s. And WIFI throughout the resort.

Karen has fallen asleep on the porch swing. I make an attempt to wake her to come in to bed, but she is pretty content where she is. I leave the door open to the balcony, as we have every night, and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.


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  1. Wow late night! I don’t think I made it up that late on my last trip. There is always hope I will on our next trip. Not really an important question, but if they are getting bigger TV’s for the rooms, where will they put them? Don’t they basically take up most of the rooms in the armoire? And I am excited for the wifi coming.

    1. I don’t usually stay up late, but for some reason do when I’m there with Karen. I don’t know about the TV’s. I thought they were fine. I think everyone is excited about the Wifi!

  2. So no mosquitoes at night leaving your door open? When are you going back? We will be in playa for a split stay both Sandos playacar and riu palace Mexico 10 nights starting July 4

    1. We closed the screen door at night, so, no Mosquitos. I am going back, but don’t post my dates online anymore for reasons I bet you can deduce.

      1. I get it! Maybe see ya on the beaches of tulum ziggy beach is wonderful great food and 2 for 1 drinks 12 till 4

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