Beach Drink Tasting

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Morning comes and brings an inkling of a sunrise.



I went to Bella Vista and got what had become my go to breakfast.




Nothing fancy, but it is different from what I typically have at home and helps absorb the morning alcohol.

At home I have a smoothie. It’s made of 1 cup juice (V8 Fusion is my favorite),                    1 Tablespoon of ground Flax seed, 1 scoop of Green Food, 1 scoop of protein powder, a new addition is a handful of fresh super greens (I tried Kale and it just had too much texture). I blend these and then add 1 cup fruit (or an overripe banana if we happen to have one – it makes for a very liquid smoothie) and a packet of unsweetened Acai. It’s probably around 400 calories. It keeps me going all morning and makes me feel healthy and virtuous. Well, healthy at least. I feel like I’ve knocked off my fruit and veggie requirement in one fell swoop.

After I have my breakfast, I head to the Lobby Bar to plug-in for a bit. I have my Mimosa and think it’s going to be another “the weather suck’s” day. It is cold, windy and cloudy. I see Alfonso (the GM) and we chat. I ask him where my weather order got misplaced. He says it is their winter and then explains the lows from here and there and, good God, get this man some rum!

I say I hope I will see him again before I leave and he says perhaps we can finish off that bottle of rum. A good bottle of rum drank is certainly a trip well taken.

I go to the spa and sit in the hot tub. Then I read my Kindle (still reading “Gone Girl”). I decide to head back to our room.

I run into Karen on the way and she is WALKING! This is some serious power walking. She asks me to join her for a bit. It doesn’t take long before I am breathing hard and my toes are hurting because thongs are not appropriate power walking foot gear. I wish her well and I go out to the beach.

It is a WINDY day. To make matters worse, the beach service is terrible. When Karen comes out, we sit for a while, drinkless.

She catches Reyes eye and waves at him. He doesn’t come over. Dude, seriously?

I go back to the room and pass the beach butler girl (I still have not quite figured out what they do) and ask her to find us a waiter/waitress.

We wait some more. I tell Karen it is her turn and this time she should go talk to our building concierge.

While she is gone, Reyes comes by and takes our drink order. Karen has asked me to ask him for three different drinks. I have to say, I have watched him all morning giving the other side great drink service and I just do not understand why he does this. We experienced this a couple of years ago, where he gave one side excellent service and just pretty much ignored the other side (two side meaning in front of the building, each building has two sides). I know he usually only has one side and he appears to be covering for our usual waitress’ day off, but WTF? When I have been on “his” side, he has given great service.

Karen comes back and I tell her I have ordered. She says the concierge told her that if the weather is not good for our beach dinner, they will do it inside of Las Brisa.

We enjoy (finally) our drinks before lunch.

I ordered a Coco Loco. I ordered one for Karen as well.



Karen didn’t like the Coco Loco. Said it was too sweet. I, for the record, LOVE Coco Loco’s.

She moved on to the Mudslide that I ordered for her, another one of my favorites.


Yea, that didn’t do it for her either.

She finally reverted to her standby, Havana Siete.



She enjoyed her drink tasting.



But when you’ve got a favorite, nothing else quite compares.


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  1. Thanks for the post, I love reading your blog. I’ve also been to Mexico many many times , and Tamie is my travel agent, she is the best!!
    We have stayed and the Grand in the past . Last year we stayed at Zoetry, and we leave next week for Secrets Maroma beach . I’m so excited , we have never stayed there before.
    I have a quick question… Always looking for smoothie recipes, what are fresh super greens, is it a lettuce blend??
    Thanks ! Robin

    1. The fresh Super Greens is a lettuce blend. I think it’s Organic Girl. I get it from Whole Foods.

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