Rum Tasting!

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After a very good dinner, Karen and I went to the Lobby bar. Daniel and Humberto are there. Can it get any better?

There was probably a cucumber mojito for me and Havana Siete for Karen.

I sat there looking at ALL the different liquors on the shelves. I think about ALL the liquors I have never tried. There are so many. I think this when I go to our liquor store at home, DaveCo. It is the largest (Guiness Book certified) liquor store in the world. In little ole Thornton, Colorado.

Ooops, I am digressing again.

I’m looking at the liquors and I tell Daniel I want to try some Scotch. Lots of people drink Scotch. It’s quite a popular drink, I hear. So, Daniel pours me two different brands of Scotch. They are not the best, but certainly not the worst. (He looks SO serious!)


Johnny Walker Black and Glenfidditch.


Aaaaacccckkkkk! Yuck! I did not get it at all. The Johnny Walker was slightly less yucky than the Glenfiddtich. I have no desire to revisit either. Life is too short not to drink anything that is not as tasty as rum

Some guys come by and order drinks. Karen, Ms. Social, chats with them. They are here with an Appliance Store convention. Their wives don’t look thrilled that they are chatting with two chicas at the bar. They are good husbands and return to their wives, post-haste. I am happy to chat with Daniel and Humberto, but Karen is a little more restless and starts chatting with another guy that comes up to the bar.

I have to wonder if it is just geographics that these guys come up to order, RIGHT next to her (we are sitting in the middle of the bar) or is it because we are the only single women there. Apparently single (very married in reality). But they always come up next to us and always come up next to HER. She must have a friendlier face. I’m pretty sure my face says, “Approach at your own risk.” Or possibly, “Stay away, not interested in the least.”

The guy that chats with her is from Toronto. I hope I asked him if it was okay to put his picture on my blog, which is on the internet. For God and Country to see. And some people from Russia, Thailand, Belgium and a whole assortment of other countries to see.


I usually ask, but remember, there was that champagne before dinner tonight. So, my level of toastedness was rather high. What the hell, he’s only drinking a martini.

He had a friend who was named Trent. Trent was a pediatric ER doc. We chatted a bit, both leery of each other. I can’t say I’m a fan of pediatricians. I’ve met one or two I like. One that comes to mind readily. I’m sure there is another one if I think really, really, REALLY hard.

At any rate, he is equally suspicious of Lactation Consultants. I sense, from our conversation that he has met a few zealots. I’m not a zealot. I’m a true believer. There is a difference. I would never put a baby at risk in the name of breastfeeding. That said, I regularly see breastfeeding sacrificed at the altar of ignorance.

Trent and I circle each other, and decide neither is an extremist and manage a civil conversation.

I start looking at all the liquors again. I remember that thing I have always wanted to do.

I tell Humberto that I want to try ALL the rums they have. I tell him I told Daniel this the first time we met, but he only brought me four, and I really want to try EVERY rum they have.

Humberto brings me every rum they have. Karen says she wants in on this and he adds another shot glass in front of each bottle.


There is (from left to right) Appleton Special- decent

Bacardi Solar – good

Bacardi Anejo – it’ll do

Havana Club Reserva (ok, I am just now realizing he didn’t bring out Havana Club Siete – WTF? That’s the best!)

Bacardi Superior – a white rum that I suppose is what they use if people don’t specify for mixed drinks. Tastes kind of like rubbing alcohol. NOT that I have ever drank rubbing alcohol. I always specify, Havana Club. Probably because I don’t think I’d like rubbing alcohol tasting rum in my mojito.

Havana Club Anejo Especial – a good mixer, but not as good as Reserva and definitely not as good as Siete. Daniel always makes my drinks with Siete.

Captain Morgan Original – This is Kindergarten rum. It might be better than Bacardi. Or it might be the same. They may just have better marketing. That whole pirate thing is kind of sexy. Until you think about the infrequency of bathing thing.

Ron Matusalem – very good. A good sipping rum.

Santa Teresa – I honestly can’t remember anything about this rum. I must try it again when I go on my next trip.

Flor de Cana 5 Anejo – it was decent. Flor de Cana makes a number of rums of different vintage. This is the youngest.

Bacardi Big Apple – um, no.

Malibu Coconut rum – surprisingly drinkable neat. Especially good with Coke. Like a coconut cream candy.

Humberto initially poured a full shot and I quickly told him to just pour a half shot (because 12 shots alone would be more than enough and we were working on pre-dinner champagne and dinner wine and martinis and various other libations since we’d arrived to the bar). Our line up drew quite a few comments from people. Things like, “Are you going to drink ALL that?” To which we responded, “It’s a tasting.” Truth is, we did drink all of what was poured. Well, most of it. The swill we didn’t finish.


Karen told Daniel that HE didn’t bring me all these rums when I told him I wanted to taste ALL the rums they had. He replied that he brought me the BEST rums. That is true. What is also true is that when I made that request of Daniel, we had never laid eyes on each other before. Humberto and I have known each other for years. And we tipped him very, very, very well. (As I tipped Daniel very well that first time). This is not your average bar encounter.

And it was FUN! It fulfilled a long time fantasy.

We talk to a very cute couple from Maine, Sue and Jim. He is quiet and she is gregarious. We see Iabelle (the Starfriend I chatted with yesterday).

I ask Daniel for a Cucumber Mojito and we leave around 12:30. I drink the Cuke Mo on the ride to our building and then pour it out before we go up to our room because I realze am too close to being drunk (believe it or not, I am not there yet – gotta love living at high altitude) and I do not want to be.

In our room is another bottle of champagne and more chocolate covered strawberries and a white chocolate sculpture.

Wow! Just, wow!

This day kicked some serious ass.



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  1. I came across upon your blog while researching Tripadvisor for our upcoming April (so far away!) trip to the Grand. The information you share is wonderful! Hearing about your real life experiences makes the waiting 7 month thing a tiny bit easier.

    And I hope this isn’t weird, but after reading this, I wanted to let you know how wonderful your profession is. Any pediatrician who would think otherwise is a jerk. I was fortunate enough to have a lactation consultant in the hospital after delivery of my 10 month old, and she was far, far more kind and helpful than any of the other staff -even beyond breastfeeding issues. Baby and I had a rough delivery and had some health issue the first few weeks postpartum. Without the LC’s help, I doubt I would’ve made it past the first few weeks, let alone still be breastfeeding at 10 months (despite an unsupportive ped.). Next time you encounter a pediatrician who is not as civil as that guy was, I hope you tell him or her to shove it! =)

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you had a wonderful LC. I always will welcome kudos to my profession. I hope you have a wonderful time at the Grand.

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