Some Sun and Really Good Food

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Karen and I wake up about the same time. She apologizes for being obnoxious the night before about the peso vs dollars things. I agree she was obnoxious, and accept her apology. Hey, we’ve been friends practically for as long as we could talk. Friends that old get past petty things like that quickly. Especially when the person who was wrong admits it.

Did you hear that? That was Karen rolling her eyes! To be clear, Karen still doesn’t agree with me. She was just apologizing for being obnoxious when trying to convince me she is right (which she is not).

I go off to Bella Vista for breakfast. I have eggs, bacon (it is crispy and yummy today), a mini croissant and one of those yummy potato cakes. I love potatoes. I think they are just about the most perfect food ever. I love them in every form.

It is cloudy again. I go to the Lobby Bar, have a Mimosa or two and do what I do on my iPad. I was losing, as usual on my Words With Friends game. My opponent probably thinks of it as “Words With Dummies”. I take an ad out in the New York Times those few times that I win.

Then I see it! The sun.

It is out!


I RUSH back to the room and get beach ready and rush out to the beach and soak it up and work on my tan for the hour and a half that it is out. It feels so good. It is warm. Actually, it is hot! I love it.



Karen has not come out yet, so I have to take my own picture. I saw her briefly as I stopped in the room.



Oh bother! It clouds over just about the time that Olivia came around with her cooler of popsicles. I had a mango-pineapple. Notice the dark clouds behind her. She tells me they will be grilling lamb chops and making ceviche outside of Bella Vista at lunch today. Two of my favorites. I tell her we will definitely come by.



After I finish my popsicle I order a Havana and coke and read my Kindle.


I had almost all the essential ingredients of a perfect beach day. Some more sun was all that was missing. Okay, that was a pretty important thing to be missing. It did however stay nice enough to not be wrapped in towels. Well, most of the time.

After my Havana and coke, Karen was still not out, so I ordered a mudslide. I hoped she would hurry or I was gonna get pretty well toasted. (Now you know how I was keeping warm).



When she came out I had her take a gratuitous bikini shot.




Karen wants to make a Rosso Spritz. This is a drink I get back home at Pizzeria Locale, the very best pizza place in Colorado. Possibly in the country. Not only do they make delicious, authentic Naples pizza, but they make this lovely, refreshing drink. It has red wine, club soda and prosecco. It is served on ice. We order all these things from the waitress.


While it does not come out quite as good as Pizzeria Locale’s version, it is very good and Karen likes it a lot.


It gets colder and I have to break out the towel.


This seems like a good time for lunch. As we head over to Bella Vista, we see Charly and I ask him to have a chilled bottle of champagne in our room when we return from the beach, around 4-5 o’clock. I’ve always wanted to do that, but believe it or not, this is the first time I have asked for champagne in my room after I come back from the beach in ten trips!

We get our food, which was absolutely yummy. For some reason the lamb chops just taste better when they grill them outside at lunch.




The ceviche was really delicious as well.





We eat inside of Bella Vista, but people also took their plates to their chairs by the pool. They were also making pastas inside of Bella Vista.

I finish my lunch off with some truly yummy chocolate desserts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt had been an awesome lunch. This was turning out to be quite a spectacular food day.

And there was more food and day to be had.



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