Making the best of a rainy day

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It is cloudy when I wake up. There is NO sunrise to photograph. Karen ordered herself poached eggs on ham and waffles with a side of bacon for breakfast. I know that Karen has reached her vacation zen when she has a hearty breakfast. When she is at home, she only eats dinner. I can never figure out how people do that. I get so hungry. Well, I would if I tried it. I know I would.



I go to Bella Vista and I get Lobster Blini’s. They are so good, but they are SO rich. They usually come with three to a plate, but I tell him to only bring me two, and hold the roe, because fish eggs are just kinda yucky. I can barely finish them. I got a donut on the side, because the blini’s alone might not have enough calories, ya know?

photo 1


The weather has not improved and it is cloudy, cold and rainy. I go to the Lobby Bar. The Wifi signal is lousy, but I hang out there. I have a Mimosa. Well, actually I had two. Okay, I had three! I was there a long time.


Here is a picture of one of my Mimosa’s and my iPad with no internet signal.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I went to the jewelry store and picked out a bracelet. We negotiate a price and I ask him to hold it for me because I want my friend to see it before I buy it and I can bring back cash. I go back to the Lobby. There are a lot of people hanging around in the Lobby because of the lousy weather.

The Starfriends come in with the Casino games. A chica Starfriend comes over and asks me if I want to play Blackjack. I say sure, why not? I ask her what her name is because she doesn’t look familiar. She tells me it’s Isabell and then says, “You’re Andrea.” I ask her if we’ve met before and she says, “No, but everybody knows you. You brought Daniel a computer and you wear pretty dresses.” If you have to be known, those are decent reasons to have a reputation that precedes you.

She was easy to talk to and we did manage to play a few rounds of Blackjack while we chatted. She had only been there for two months and tomorrow was going to be her last day. She told me her schedule on Christmas day and it was non-stop and it sounded like she really missed her mom. She said she was going to go back to school.



The Starfriends work their butts off. And always with a smile on their face.


I go back to our room. I stop at the concierge and ask about our request to eat at Toni’s tonight. She makes some phone calls, asks me what time we would like. She explains that they are booked, but they are fitting us in because I am a “repetitive” guest. I tell her that we are very grateful. I ask her to make appointments for our massages over at the spa for that afternoon.

There is much that is written on Trip Advisor about how Iberostar does not have a loyalty program. While a formal loyalty program would be nice, they definitely do many little extras that show their appreciation for repetitive guests. Some of the extras are big too.

I went up to the room and read until Karen got back from her walk.

photo 2


I told her about the bracelet. She wanted me to lay out all the jewelry I have gotten in Mexico over the years.



I always get compliments on the jewelry I buy here (here as in Mexico). It has all held up really well, so I think it is pretty good quality. I have bought a few pieces on 5th Ave, but most of it I have bought at the Grand and the tanzanite necklace I bought at the Lindo. I especially feel confident with the quality at these places.

We walked to the jewelry store and I showed her the bracelet, she liked it, and I paid for it.

photo 3


This bracelet is similar to a bracelet that I tried on in NOLA. That bracelet was white gold with diamonds and also had pearls on it. I fell in love with it, but it was $4000, waaaaaay out of my price range. This bracelet is silver and white topaz and didn’t get anywhere close to 4 figures. I was very happy with it. Now I could quit pining over the one in NOLA. Although, if I ever win the lottery…

Karen posed with the horse on our way to Las Brisa for lunch.



I was feeling rather vegetable deprived, so I made a big salad for myself. It hit the spot. I was good on veggies for the rest of the week. As long as I had a few cucumber mojitos every day.



Karen had her favorite.



I felt like I still needed a few more servings of veggies, so we demolished a plate of french fries, “Hot and crisy!” The ketchup gives me bonus veggie points.




We go to our room and hang out on the balcony for awhile. Karen says we should make drinks and go sit on the beach.

So, we do. The rum helps keep us warm. As do the towels.

photo 4


photo 5


See how self-confident I am? I have to be to publish such an unflattering picture. It was frickin’ freezing out there (relatively speaking).

We went to the spa at the shopping area at three o’clock and spent some time in the wet areas. This included the different jacuzzis, showers and the big pool. We got our massages and then went back to the room to get ready for dinner. It was amazing how quickly the cold, rainy day had passed by. We almost didn’t miss laying in the sun. Oh, who am I kidding? We missed it a lot.

After I showered I realized that I didn’t have my glasses and I couldn’t find them anywhere in our room. I kept looking, thinking that they would magically appear. They did not.

Since this is a semi-family friendly blog, I can’t write the bad words that were going through my mind.


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  1. Andrea, I can understand why you are well known for your generosity and pretty dresses, but I expected that your main claim to fame would be as the person who brought the cucumber mojito to the Grand.

    1. To clarify, Daniel bought the computer. I just muled it for him. And I’m okay with my cucumber mojito fame, but they drive Daniel crazy. They don’t normally stock the cucumbers at the bars, so he has to get them when someone asks for it. And then he has to peel them and cut them up, and when it’s busy, it’s a pain for him. But I’m his favorite, so he LOVES doing it for me. ; )

  2. Love the bracelet. That sucks that the entire day was rained out. I think weather is the thing that makes me most anxious while on vacation, even though we cannot control it.

  3. Love your blog been following it for a while! Love the bracelet it is very pretty

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