They misplaced my weather reservation!

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Karen was up early and takes this particularly awesome picture of the sun rise.

I sleep soundly until 8 am when the breakfast room service is delivered. We sit on the balcony and talk. I only drink tea because I am not particularly hungry. Can we say hungover? As hangovers go, it was not bad. There was no headache, no “hit by a truck” feeling. Just a lack of appetite. Not nauseated. Just not hungry.

I can see that the beach chairs are getting reserved and occupied. I go out and get us a couple of chairs. All of a sudden, I am starving. I head to Bella Vista and Karen goes to do her power walking. It was raining lightly as I walked to Bella Vista. The rain turns hard, it pours, which puts a crimp in Karen’s power walking plans. If it had been me, I would have said, so sad, guess I can’t work out today. (I work out at a gym at home, which is indoors, so there are no rain or snow days for me).

Not Karen. No sir. She walked up and down the stairs (two flights) THIRTEEN times. Now that is dedication to your work out. Her pedometer is a Striiv Pedometer and when you walk a certain distance it donates to a charity you choose. Karen donates to the Rain Forest.

While Karen was walking her butt off, I was eating eggs, a potato cake and bacon…


…and drinking a Mimosa.


Obviously, my stomach had recovered.

I see Steve and Janelle. I get a fist bump from Steve and he says I am his Wingman. He was quite impressed by my consumption of rum the previous night (especially because he saw me drink the two mojitos as well – what he didn’t see was the wine). Well, damn Skippy!

They were leaving at 12:30. I told them I would come to the Lobby to say goodbye. Then I go to the Lobby to check email, etc, while the rain pours like the Heaven’s have been opened up. When it slows I go to the beach.

When I got to Lounge Chair, the towels were wet, so I replaced them with nice dry towels. I pulled my chair out with the optimistic thought that I would be able to catch some sun that day. Ha ha. Good one.


Lounge Chair and I snuggle up. Even though the rain has stopped, it is too cold to take my cover up off. I read “Gone Girl”, which is a pretty good beach read. Reyes comes by and takes my drink order. A day like this needs a Mudslide. They are also good on sunny days. Kind of your all-purpose weather drink.

At noon I go to the Lobby to say good-bye to Steve and Janelle. Alfonso comes by to see them off as well. Steve, Alfonso and I discuss our hangovers, or lack thereof. I was so proud to be able to hang with the boys when it came to rum.

Shirley Saldaña, the Public Relations Manager comes out to see Steve and Janelle as well. This is the first time I get to meet her. We have exchanged many emails, so it is nice to put a face to a name. She has just recently come back from having a baby girl. Her baby is the same age as Charly’s. They were born 4 days apart. Shirley is very nice. We chat about our next possible visits.

The sad time when Steve and Janelle have to leave arrives. We are sure we will all be back here together soon. Dates when are kept close to the vest to ward off stalkers.

I return to the beach and Karen soon joins me. Soon we go for lunch.

We order a grilled lobsters, and french fries ( a big plate). The french fries are hot and fresh. I take what I think is a picture, but it turns out to be a video. You can actually hear me say they are fresh and hot. I can’t figure out how to imbed the video here. While the fries were fresh and hot, they were undercooked. I must amend my instructions.


I want to look at a wine list, but our waitress doesn’t speak much English, and as has been previously established, I speak even less Spanish. I really gotta learn Spanish. My daughter, who is fluent, could help me learn. At least she could practice with me. I should at least be able to say, “Can I see the wine menu please,” because that ranks up there with the important phrases to be able to say. Along with, “What is that medication that you are giving him?” (Read the Heart Attack trip report to get the significance of that one).

Since I cannot get across that I want to see the wine list, we settle on the Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a nice, light white, which is good for lunch.

After I have some dessert (Karen doesn’t eat dessert), we return to the beach.

I try to take my cover up off, and that lasts about a minute and I end up not only putting my cover up on, I put my hoody on as well. It is that cold. One of the massage guys comes around and gives me a sample massage. We have a certificate for half hour massages, but we are not yet ready to commit as to when we want to have them.

We have quite a good chuckle over a gentleman who comes out to the beach with his friends. He has on a black speedo, sandals and black socks. Quick! Get the fashion police! I try to take a picture, but I have hit the darn video button again, and I am not quick enough.

We talk until it is too cold and then go back to the room.


It was a cold day, but it’s never to cold to talk, drink and eat. While it had been a lousy beach day, all things considered, it had been a good vacation day.



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  1. It is always sad to leave the Grand, but it is even worse when you also have to leave your friends! There are never enough hugs! I have a feeling that we’ll meet back at the Grand again;)

    On another note, it was comforting to know that you were still there enjoying yourselves (even though the weather didn’t hold up). I can think of worse places to be “stuck” in bad weather. It does spoil the beach days though.

    I still can’t believe your ability to keep up with the boys, especially since you are soo tiny! Wow!! I guess I was the responsible one that night – LOL!!

    Can’t wait to hear more!!

    1. It’s amazing how much more tolerant I was of bad weather at the Grand than I was at Excellence. I did come home with rather a pathetic tan though. It is a good thing you accompanied me back to my room that night. The way they drive those golf carts, I might have fallen out!

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