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Someone asked what was in Karen’s clear chocolate martini last night. I asked Humberto today and he said Cacao White Liquor, Vodka and smashed mint. He said you have to smash the mint.

Returning to our blog…

Karen and I return to the beach. I drink a Coco Loco and she drinks Havana Siete on ice.




Yea, I’m guessing there was more than one post-lunch drink.

We took pictures. That’s what women do when they are wearing bikinis, have been drinking, are in Mexico and it’s sunny.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.









Note to self: you were in waaay better shape last January. I attribute that to the yoga teacher I had last year. She made us hold our poses for three minutes. I did plank, more than once, for three minutes! People are amazed when I tell them that’s how long we held the poses (especially plank). I was new to yoga. She was my first teacher. I didn’t know any better. I thought that’s how yoga went. So, I did what I was told. She left my club about a year ago. I miss her soooo much. I’ve had instructors that have us hold a pose for a minute (yesterday it was plank for 90 seconds) and they act like it’s a long time. I’m like, pfffffft. “I’ve held plank for three minutes. What’s your super power?”

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

We enjoyed our day on the beach. It was sunny and warm. There was a wedding at the Maya that we watched. It was a couple of old folks. You know, around our age.

Another wedding party came by for pictures. They were younger. The bride was wearing a bright blue dress and they had a couple of kids. One was a really tiny baby. I’d guess 6 weeks or less. That’s optimism for you, planning a destination wedding when you are due to give birth 6 weeks or less before the wedding.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day. The weather had been spectacular. I was hopeful that it would continue for the rest of the week. That’s optimism for you.

We returned to our room and this.




I made a Havana rum and Coke and hopped in.



It was sublime. Everybody should have a day like this. Sun, talking with their BFF, eating and drinking and then a hot bubble bath waiting for them back at their room.

We ordered chips, guac and sauce from room service. (Newbies, this is not on the room service menu, but they will bring it, “In 30 minutes or less.” if you ask).



We get ready for dinner. For the guys that are reading this blog, that means showering, doing our hair (mine takes way longer than Karen’s and I hate her for that), putting on make-up (lots of make-up), dressing and putting on jewelry and of course, shoes. I was woefully negligent about taking shoe pictures this trip. For all my shoe fans, I sincerely apologize.

Once we were presentable to the general public, or at least the Grand vacationing and staff public, we left our room. We either got a ride to the restaurant or walked. Most nights we got a ride, but there was one night that we walked (slumming it).

We had reservations at the Asian restaurant, Haiku.

A word about reservations. The Grand requires them at the ala carte restaurants, which includes Haiku, Toni’s (steak house), Venecia (Italian) and L’Atelier (French or often referred to as the Gourmet). The seating times are 6:30, 7, 8:30 or 9.

You can make advance reservations via email for one ala carte each, as long as it isn’t for a Sunday or Wednesday night.

There are buffets at Bella Vista on Sundays (Mexican) and Wednesdays (International), and, depending on occupancy, other nights with other themes. I have been to the International buffet a couple of times and prefer the ala cartes. Too many Vegas buffets, I think. No reservations are required at the buffets and there is no dress code (but show some decorum please).

No reservations are required at the other Playa Paraiso buffets at the Lindo and Beach/Del Mar. No reservations are required at the taco place at the shopping center. No reservations are required for room service. There are really quite a few options for someone who doesn’t want reservations. So quite your damn complaining.

Ok. That was harsh. But I can’t say that over on Trip Advisor. And sometimes I really want to.

There is a dress code at the ala cartes. Men must wear long pants, sleeved shirts. That’s it. Some people complain about it, which doesn’t surprise me. I live in the dressed down capital of the country. Teva’s with wool socks rule! Ugh. There are plenty of places you can dine with no dress code. See above comment about complaining.

I personally like to get dressed up, with a capital D. But that is my preference. Some people complain about both the dress code and reservation requirement. fortunately, there are other hotels that require neither that can accommodate them.

A couple other things about the restaurants…some people complain about not being able to get reservations and they go by the restaurant and it is half full. Reservations don’t depend on the number of seats, it depends on the number of staff. They can put someone in every seat and not have enough staff and then people will complain about the bad service. Trust me on this one, and quit complaining about there being unoccupied seats and no reservations for a restaurant. People will also complain about only being able to get reservations at 6:30 or 9 o’clock. This is pretty much true of any restaurant, anywhere…AT TIMES. I have not personally had problems getting reservations. But I am fairly flexible. Give me a seat at any restaurant at any time but 9 and I can deal. Europeans are probably perfectly happy to eat at 9.

Ummmm, this has been a bit of a downer. I personally prefer reservation. It gives me incentive to get my butt out of Lounge Chair and to put something on other than a bikini. (Would you believe me if I told you for years I wore only one piece suits?). I love the dress code because…

Life is a big event, dress for it.





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  1. Well said! There are so many options for AI’s and peeps should always do their homework and pick one the one that suits them and their vacation style. The “empty seats/tables” always bugs AI patrons but they simply don’t realize what you stated so well :).
    Missing your shoe photos but so enjoying the rest of your blog!

  2. I can’t agree with you more about the reservation system. I’m glad you commented about reservations not depending on the number of seats, but the number of staff. Having an attentive waiter combined with quality food definitely makes the dining experience more memorable.

    Did the VS swim catalog contact you ladies for their next photo shoot??

  3. Thank you for ingredients in clear chocolate martini:-) I will have to try it!

  4. Thanks for the info on the a la carte reservation times, Andrea. We arrive at the airport @ 6 pm on the 29th of April, so with any luck we can get to the resort in time for a later reservation…

    1. If Immigration and Customs go quickly, you will almost certainly be able to do a 9 pm reservation. But if you don’t make it, or are just too tired, room service would be great too.

      1. Also booked a private transfer to expedite the process getting out of the airport. Hopefully that will get us to the resort even faster ! Thanks again. 🙂

  5. Hi Andrea, please can you write me if there is a yoga class in the Grand every day and when during the day it usually is? Thank you!

  6. Emii – there are two yoga classes daily. The first is at 10 am at the hut by the tranquility pool. When I went to that class, Eduardo complained about the mosquitos. They don’t like me, so they did not bother me. There is a class at 4:30 on the beach, right past the path from the pool to the beach. Both are 30 minutes. I can’t say either one was awesome, but I have a pretty high bar. I like a yoga class that challenges me and these are feel good resort yoga classes.

  7. Greetings from Thornton, CO,

    First of all Thank You for writing this blog! I have been glued to it for the past few days reading and learning as much as I can about the resort. My wife and I will be at the Maya in July and we have struggled to find information about the resort… that is until we found your website.

    Can you please help me with understanding the dress code for men? I’ve read that long sleeved shirts are required for men while dining. However, I’ve noticed in pictures that your husband appears to be wearing short sleeved dress shirts.

    Thank you!


    1. Josh – you’re just down the road from us! It’s not long shirts. It’s long pants. And I think the buffets do not even require that. But the Maya has great restaurants. The Cajun and Lindo Gourmet shouldn’t be missed either. Have a great trip!

      1. Kind of off topic a bit, Andrea. Are you near all those wild fires that have been on the news lately ?

      2. Jack – we are quite a ways from the fires. One day the CO Springs fire gave us hazy skies, smoky air and some falling ash, but none of that since. Keep all those people in your thoughts though. It’s been a couple of bad seasons for the Springs.

  8. Terrible situation , a lot of homes destroyed. Some tough times down there for sure…

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