Beautiful Beach Day

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I wake up. What is that throbbing in my head? Oh yea, that’s called a hangover. Did I not follow my tried and true hangover prevention strategy? Drink lots of water (check), take some Nux Vomica (Um, I think I did), take some Ibuprofen (oh lord, I CAN’T remember!).  Maybe it was all the mixing. There was wine and cucumber mojitos and chocolate martinis and rum. It gives me a headache just reading it. I have a friend who says, ‘Never mix, never worry.” But I don’t believe that. I’ve mixed lots of times.

I take a peak outside and am greeted by a simply gorgeous site.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooking at this picture, I am thinking it was pretty early. Charly had said sunrise was at 6:30 and the sun is really just above the horizon. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

Room service delivered our food. We ordered coffee, for Karen, tea, for me, bacon, fresh fruit, a basket of bread, lots of juice (Karen loves her some juice) and waffles.



He’d forgotten the waffles and had to go get them. We sit on the balcony and eat some of the food. My appetite was not great. I don’t think we even touched that gorgeous plate of fruit. We looked at the pictures on my iPad from previous vacations.

I had been having a lot of trouble with my 1st generation iPad crashing. I finally broke down and got a 4th generation. The retina display is stunning and it is lightning fast compared to the old one. If it had been working better I would have passed it on to one of the kids, but since it was not I sent it off to Gazelle and they gave me a decent amount of money for it. I’ve used another site to sell stuff (iPhone and laptop), but Gazelle has given me the best prices and they are super prompt. They send you the box and label and couldn’t make it easier.

Uhhhh, we now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

Karen was going to go for a walk. She used to go for runs, but now she power walks and she says she goes faster than when she ran. I joined her one day and she was going at a pretty good clip.

I went out to the beach. I find a couple of chairs on the side closest to the Maya. It is really full. I set up our chairs. I lay down and Lounge Chair whispers in my ear, “You are back? You cannot stay away, can you? You think you can. You tell yourself you should. But I am irresistible and here we are again.”

What can I say? It is true.

I settle in to his embrace and then start feeding my soul.




I spot some people with telltale blue towels. So does security. He comes over and tells them they can’t sit there. These chairs are only for Grand guests. They ask how he know and he says from their bracelets, but the towels are like waving a flag. Grand guests have clear bracelets. Lindo guests have silver, Maya guests have gold. Beach and Del Mar guests have yellow and blue.

The people leave and shortly after the security guard does as well. A little bit later another couple with blue towels come and sit in some Grand chairs. The chairs are full. I see the waitress tell them she can’t serve them, but they don’t leave. I see a Grand guest looking for chairs and they are all full. Finally, a beach butler comes and tells the interlopers they have to leave. I feel that when it is really busy, security needs to spend more time on the beach policing this so the Grand guests are able to get the chairs that have been reserved for them.

I had a rum (Havana) and coke. I am in my happy place.



I got a special pedicure with nail art for this trip. Janelle inspired me to do it.




Karen comes out late in the morning. She has a fancy pants pedometer. She proudly tells me that she walked 5.5 miles. This is impressive, but not as impressive as it gets. You’ll have to check back for Wednesday’s post to find out exactly how impressive it gets.


When we get hungry, we go to Las Brisa for some lunch. Steve and Janelle are eating outside. That always seems like a nice idea, but then the air conditioning always feels so good. We sit by the window and Steve and Janelle come by to say hi. Janelle says she looked for us on the beach but couldn’t find us. Steve wonders what we can possibly talk about so much. Only a guy would say something like that. I read somewhere that guys only use a fraction of the words that women do in a 24 hour period. Sometimes when Zung starts giving me monosyllabic answers, I say, “Use up all your words today?”

We order some Sauvignon Blanc and do the buffet. Karen gets a decent selection.



Mine is less exciting.



I got bar-b-q ribs from the carving station. They are tough, as is everything I get from there. I am a slow learner. The chips and guac was good, as always. You can tell because that is the one thing that is gone in this picture.

I also ordered french fries. “Fresh and hot,” I specify. I don’t want those cold, limp things that have sat under a warming light. Our waiter brings us this lovely, uhhhh, small bowl of fries. They are good, but there are not enough of them because they are good.



Note to the Grand: never, ever use those pathetic, stringy things that are a poor excuse for a french fry that you had here last year.

We hear from Steve and Janelle that there are grilled lamb chops over by Bella Vista. I want to go have some but we are too full by the time we leave Las Brisa.

It was the french fries that did it.



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  1. Great post. Love your toe art! Did they have the outdoor grilling station at La Brisa for lunch like they did in the summer? I always want to eat outside at La Brisa but we never do because Mark thinks we will get too hot. Which, in August we probably would have. And, that is really strange that those people actually had the nerve to ask the security guy how he knows they can’t sit there.

  2. A- It was such a beautiful day! Your detailed posts and vivid pictures always take me back to the moment! Miss you:)
    BTW- Your toe art was awesome.

    Candy- We ate outside every day when we were there and it was such a treat. It felt so nice to relax in the warm sun and we kept saying how amazing it was to be sitting there. Most of the outdoor tables were occupied. It is definitely too hot to sit outside in August. Plus, after being on the hot beach in August we like to head to La Brisa for the cool air conditioning. The grilling station was located outside of the main buffet restaurant. We were told that they do this when occupancy is higher to disperse the crowd.

  3. A- The grilled lamb chops were great and went very well with a red wine that we had from Spain (can’t remember the name, but I have a picture). Tell Zung that you need to take another trip back to get some lamb chops;)

    1. Later in the week they had lamb chops again. They were delicious. They had ceviche too. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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