Celebration Distillation Tour and Muffaletta’s from Central Grocery

We returned to the hotel and got the boys. I asked the front desk for a taxi because the doorman was nowhere to be found. The guy at the front desk told me to go down the street to the Hotel Monteleone. “There are always taxi’s there.” Wow. That’s less than stellar customer service.

We did as we were told. We needed an SUV because there are five of us. They want you to take the first taxi in line, but that one did not have enough seats. The first SUV did not have a driver.  Eventually we got the size taxi we needed WITH a driver, and he drove us to Celebration Distillation, a rum distillery. The address is Frenchman’s Street, but it is waaaaay down on Frenchman’s Street. There were all kinds of turns and at one point I was wondering where he was taking us. We finally arrived at our destination, Celebration Distillation.

They have several tours a day and we chose the 2 pm tour so the boys wouldn’t have to get up early. We arrived about ten minutes after the tour started. They let us join the tour anyway. It is $10 per person. It’s a small distillery. It was interesting. At the end there is a rum tasting of all their different rums.

I finally learned the reason for shooting. The rum was not as good as what I usually drink, but it was better if you shoot it.

(My boys are such hams).








They have a drink called Gingeroo that is described on the website as a premium, handcrafted, ready-to-drink cocktail. It is made with rum and ginger soda. That was pretty good, so we bought four bottles of that.

They asked who needed taxis to go back. We were among several people who came by taxi. The rest came by the courtesy van. I had called for it that morning, but it was full for the tour time we wanted. Well, the taxi wouldn’t come. They said something about a dispute with the taxi’s because of the new requirements for GPS and something else. At any rate, they took us back in the courtesy van. But we had to wait a bit so they could take the first load of people.





The driver was very friendly and took us by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s house. I’m not quite sure what the appeal of that is, but it was a nice gesture and we were enormously grateful that he brought us back, so we gave him a nice tip.

We are all hungry and we are dropped off right near Central Grocery. That is the place that is THE place to get Muffaletta’s, so we did. (This was the place that had the line down the block earlier, when we were at Cafe du Monde. There was no line now.)


Central Grocery is, in fact, a grocery store. A tiny, old grocery store and they also sell Muffaletta’s. They were HUGE. We bought one and sat at a little counter they have and the guys all had a quarter and Susie and I shared the last quarter.

I love how Susie and Patrick are eying the sandwich in this picture.





Susie and I were not satisfied with our quarter and I went back a bought another half. We shared half and took the other half back to the hotel, to be eaten at a later time.




We wandered back to the Hotel Mazarin. Making a few stops along the way.




There are a lot of bands playing in the streets. They are quite good.



Pat O’Brien’s is famous for their Hurricanes, so I decided to try their version. It was on the rocks and not as sweet and pretty yummy actually. They were checking ID’s when we went in. This whole drinking age thing is pretty inconsistent and amusing.

We went back to Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo shop so the kids could take a look.

The French Quarter is a treat to walk through. Especially around Halloween.




They were decorating the courtyard of the hotel for an event that night. Very cool.



We were having a great time. And there was still so much more food to eat!


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