Red Gravy, Mr. B’s and walking the French Quarter

I wake up with a headache. No big surprise after that super sweet Hurricane. I was still ready to hit the ground running. I had places to eat, things to see and more places to eat.

The hotel had an included breakfast buffet, but I wasn’t about to waste a precious meal on that. We set off for Red Gravy. It was a fair walk and I use the map on my phone to get us there. It is not a fancy place. Nor was it well staffed today. There is one waitress for the whole place. We later learned that the other girl called in sick. I asked if it was more like “too much Halloween?” Our waitress stuttered, and then finished with, “I’m not gonna say anything.” She was surprisingly cheerful for how much she was bustin’ her butt.

I was in a surprisingly cheerful mood and surprisingly, other than the headache, not hung over (you know, that nauseated, feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, feeling).


One review of this place had said the food was stunningly good. We thought it was good, but now where near stunning. I guess our bar is set pretty high.

Zung had, well, you KNOW what he had, an omelette. It came with potatoes and cheesy garlic bread. Because the potatoes alone weren’t enough starch.


I had a puff pastry shell with eggs and cheese, which also came with potatoes AND the bread. Because the potatoes and the puff pastry were not enough starch. It was a rich dish.


There is a restaurant we eat at, here at home, called Snooze. They have a breakfast Pot Pie that is served on puff pastry, and has sausage and gravy with carrots and celery in it. It is divine and might just be a little bit of heaven. It gets better the hungrier I am. In all fairness, this sounded close enough to that, that I might have been expecting something similar, and it was not. The dish at Red Gravy was good, just not anywhere near as good as the Breakfast Pot Pie from Snooze.

It was busy and people kept coming in. At 11 am the waitress started turning them away, saying they had stopped serving breakfast and were not yet serving lunch. It seemed like it would have made more sense to put up a sign. This poor girl was already working so hard.

I can’t say I would go back to Red Gravy. It wasn’t bad, just not good enough to compete with all the other places we ate at, and those places we didn’t get a chance to eat at. It was probably our most disappointing meal.

We walked back to the hotel, making several detours.

We stopped in here for a magnet for our refrigerator and a small gift for a friend. They had a little bit of everything.


We stopped in here to get some tour information. (Note to self – get rid of those capris!)


We were right down the street from this hotel:



Zung had stayed here once on one of his trips to NOLA. He said it was really nice. I’m pretty sure I looked at it for this trip and I’m pretty sure it was insanely expensive or sold out.

It did have a unique bar, the Carousel Bar, that I wanted to check out and I hadn’t had my morning Mimosa yet. So, in we went!



It was in fact an actual carousel that rotated, albeit slowly. It was a little startling and if you were drunk, I’m sure it could be a little dangerous and you might think you were hallucinating.

I had a Mimosa and Zung had coffee.

We next walked to Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop. No pictures were allowed inside, but it looked pretty authentic.



We walked down Royal Street. There were a lot of antique stores. We went into one where I tried on a very pretty pearl, diamond and white gold bracelet. It really spoke to me. It’s price tag of over $4000 did not. I thought about that bracelet the whole time we were there though. I tried on some more expensive jewelry at another store. Everyone in the stores was so nice and friendly. We went to Rau’s Antiques, which is like a museum.

We got a text from Patrick, asking us to bring them food. I texted back that they needed to get out of bed if they wanted food. Nicholas eventually did get up.


We walked to K-Paul’s, but it had closed at 2 pm. We then walked to Mr. B’s and they were not serving lunch after 2:30, but we could eat at the bar.

Nicholas got the fried oysters.


He was VERY hung-over, and they say fried foods are good for that. He was still felling pretty crummy after he ate it. The bartender told him he should have some “hair of the dog”, so he ordered a Pimm’s Cup. That didn’t really do the trick either. So sad.

Zung and I had the gumbo. OMG! So good. This is the gumbo they serve in heaven.


It came with a loaf of french bread that was really unimpressive looking. It tasted unbelievable wonderful though. Chewy and light and fluffy and perfect for dipping in the gumbo.

I had a Pimm’s Cup also. It was different from the one I’d had the night before, but still good.

Zung and I share a bread pudding. Good, but not as good as the one at Boucherie.



We ordered a burger to take back for Patrick. Susie arrived and there was drama between her and Nicholas. There was lots of sibling drama this trip, but in the end they worked it all out and are best buds again.

Exhausted from all the walking we had done, we took a nap.

There was another dinner to be eaten and we needed to rest up!




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1 Response to Red Gravy, Mr. B’s and walking the French Quarter

  1. stephanie says:

    Love the report, as usual! I just wanted to say that I don’t think it is fair to compare ANY breakfast place to Snooze. We ate at the one in San Diego and were even willing to wake up at 4:30 am our last day so we could go again. I would love to live in a town/ city with one. Of course that would be *very* dangerous!

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