The Hotel Mazarin

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We found our way to baggage claim and I instructed the men folk to get the bags while I procured transportation. I had planned to get a taxi, but finding the taxi’s proved more vexing than I expected. As I was looking for taxi’s or shuttles or something to get us and our bags to the hotel, I found the “something” in the way of a limo. It was supposed to be an SUV, but we ended up in a stretch limo.


If I knew that Photoshop stuff, I could have blended the pictures to include the one of Patrick looking crazy and the one of Nicholas looking at the camera.


We gave the driver the address. It took about a half an hour from the airport. The streets are narrow and once we hit the French Quarter the traffic was slow. The driver had a bit of difficulty finding the hotel. It is a small, boutique hotel. Once we drove around the block a couple of times and she decided where it was, she unloaded our bags. The boys had been rather rowdy during the drive, so she told them to behave in NOLA. She asked how old they were and said she would have guessed younger. Hmmm, that does not sound fortuitous.

We checked in and I asked for a roll away for the kids room. I was told one was not available because they were full. I asked the next day and was told the same thing. On the third day I was told (by another person) that they don’t even have roll aways. Would have been good to know on day one. This was about the only glitch we had at the hotel. It was nice, updated, had charm and very nice employees.

There is a courtyard that most of the rooms are around. The kids room was in this area. It was a “standard” room, and could be reached by an elevator. It was covered by a plastic tarp that was removed when there was a wedding a couple of nights later. They served an included breakfast next to the courtyard and you could eat either inside or out in the courtyard.


The bell boy took us up in the elevator. Zung and I had to get out on the second floor and he told the boys to go to their room on the third floor. We had to walk through a couple of doors and then walk up a flight of stairs to get to our room. Thank goodness the bell boy accompanied us and more importantly, hauled our bags up those stairs.

Our room was a “petite king”, which meant it was tiny. It was in the “quiet” area. The bell boy told us, being so close to Bourbon street and it being Halloween, this was a good thing. He also gave the boys passes to a strip club. I guess Zung and I didn’t look like the strip club type


There wasn’t even enough room for a table on both sides of the bed, so I had to put my water bottle on the floor at night. The bed was comfortable. The TV was large. They gave you 2 free bottles of water each day. There was a refrigerator, but there was no mini bar (which are obscenely priced anyway, so this was just fine by me). There was also a safe.


I don’t have pictures, but the closet was small (compared to most hotels) but adequate. The bathroom was really small and there was only a thin ledge to put things. I have a lot of “things”, so this was a negative. There was a nice large shower. No bathtub, but I hardly ever use bathtubs in hotels and I loved the huge shower, so this was a positive.

This picture shows the courtyard in the background.


The kid’s room was much larger than ours. It had two double beds and room for a desk. Their bathroom was just as tiny though.

I was pleased with the hotel. I wanted the French Quarter and I wanted charm and I also like modern. I got all of that with the Hotel Mazarin. And the staff (with the exception of the miscommunication about the roll-away) was helpful, polite, friendly and personable.

We unpacked and then it was time to get ready for dinner.

Let the eating begin!




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