Getting Stone-faced, Prairie Berried and Naked

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Beaten by the snow, I headed back toward Rapid City. The wineries are in Hill City. I stopped at the first one I came to, Stone Faces Winery. There was a limo parked out front. I know the area has several wineries, but it didn’t seem like enough to hire a limo to take you around. They were, in fact, spitting distance from each other.


I went in and took a spot at the bar. The young man who was running the show, Nick, was there all by himself. He was doing quite a brisk business. I guess a lot of other people had the same idea as I did.


He gave me a list of their wines and told me to go around the room and read about the wines and pick out 6 wines that I wanted to taste. I did as I was told and came back and he saw that I had chosen all reds. He said he had a white that he wanted me to try. He set me up with a glass and packet of crackers and poured the white. I didn’t really like it. He then proceeded to pour the reds. He rinsed the glass between each pour. This was the only winery that did this. The fifth wine I had chosen was a sweet wine and he gave me some chocolate so I could taste how it would be with some dessert. It made quite a difference.

Nick did a great job handling all the people who were there. I bought a couple of bottles of red wines. A couple of them had Sturgis as part of their name. They were quite decent.

I got in my car and drove to the next winery, Naked Winery. I have “liked” them on Facebook and they have a clever, makes you laugh out loud, quote every day.


I tried several wines there. They charged a nominal fee to taste. It wasn’t as crowded and it wasn’t quite as organized as Stone Faces. I chatted with another couple there, who were also from Colorado.

I didn’t get this guy’s name. Possibly because he was not as charmingly overwhelmed as Nick had been.


The wines have clever names.


He said they (never was clear on who “they” were) wouldn’t let them use “Erection” so they put the labels on water bottles and sold those. Guess you can put anything on a water bottle.


Really, is an erection more risqué than a climax?

I bought a couple of wines there as well as some beer for Zung. They had quite a selection of beers.

Down the road was Prairie Berry winery. I was starting to feel the wine, so thought it best to get some food in me. Prairie Berry was the largest and had a little cafe.

I had tomato soup and salad and water. It did a good job of soaking up the wine.


There was a large bar for tastings. I liked these wines the least and didn’t buy any. The woman who poured for me was from Colorado as well.

I decided I’d had enough wine for the afternoon and was feeling like maybe I might be getting sick. Either that or I was very, very tired. I went back to the hotel and tried to nap. I was not successful, so I decided to look for a place to eat dinner. I checked my online sources and chose Delmonico’s. I was in the mood for a steak. I made a reservation via Open Table because it seemed like that kind of place.

I had gotten the distinct impression that Rapid City was not a dress up kind of town, so I left my dress in the closet. However, I did put on my Christian Louboutin’s. I was wearing jeans and you can wear anything with jeans.

I drove downtown, found it and parked. I had to walk a bit tonight. It was a nice restaurant. I was seated in the waaaay back. It was pretty full, so I might not have thought much of it. However, the guy at the table next to me was dining solo as well. It felt like they wanted to hide the solo diners. I’m not sure why they would, but it just seemed like too much of a coincidence that we were both at the back of the restaurant.

I got some red wine and ordered. The wine was good.

I had a salad that was too heavily dressed.


I ordered the steak Oscar, medium rare. It was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. The oscar part was superfluous. And the asparagus were too large, so I skipped them. The crab just didn’t have enough taste to stand up to the yumminess of the steak.


It came with a baked potato, which was also quite delicious.


A waitress walking by complimented my shoes. I love when my shoes get noticed.

I was too full for dessert. I paid my check and went back to the hotel. I know I checked in with Zung at some point. I had some more wine back in my room. I read a bit and then my tiredness overtook me and I slept well that night.

All in all, it had been a good day. Weather disruptions notwithstanding. I got to experience the wineries and it turned out, they turned out a pretty good product.

Who knew?

Tomorrow was going to involve some serious driving. Good thing I had my audio book.



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