Negotiating the snow and my bucket list

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Friday arrives. I greet it at midnight. Damn! Should not have fallen asleep while watching TV. I am still awake at 1 am, and 2 am, AND 3 am. I think I fell asleep by 4am, but woke up before 7 am. Feel like I have been hit by a truck. Classic, “didn’t sleep much” feeling.

Too tired to do any yoga, although, I know it would make me feel better.

I get up and shower and take my coupon for a free breakfast downstairs to the restaurant. They have a buffet and then you can order eggs, pancakes and french toast. I ask for hot tea and one egg, over easy. I get bacon and potatoes and toast from the buffet. I break a glass trying to get some orange juice. Nice.

I use my iPad to try to plan out my day. I am not sure how long things will take. Seeing Mt. Rushmore is number one and Crazy Horse is number two.

It is overcast and cold, but I can see some blue sky and being the optimist that I am, I was hopeful the blue would take over. Spoiler alert – the blue did not take over.

I program  Mt. Rushmore into my GPS (I call her Navi). I am off! She works like a dream. Takes me exactly where I want to go.

It starts snowing lightly. Really? Seriously? Where’s that little bit of blue sky I saw a few minutes ago?

I arrive at Mt. Rushmore. I pay and park. There is LOTS of parking. This place must be insane in the summer.

I walk through the Avenue of Flags. There is a flag for each state.


I walk to the viewing area. There are the “faces”. as my friend, Shari from work, referred to them. (That’s South Dakota slang for Mt. Rushmore).


They are impressive.

I took a picture with my iPhone with me in the picture to send back to my family. Zung replied that he wished he was there. Well, NOW he tells me! He says he can be here in four hours. But since that would totally screw up my solo woman adventure, I tell him we can come back next summer.

I was trying to take a self-portrait picture with my camera when some nice people asked if I wanted them to take my picture. It turned out way better than my iPhone self-portrait.


(Note the parka and the scarf – AND I was still cold!)

Here’s another view of the faces.


This is definitely the kind of thing you can get carried away with and take 20 pictures of essentially the same thing. I went to the visitor’s center and tried to watch one of the movies, but it was boring. The Faces (see how quickly I pick up the local lingo) are amazing to see, but pretty boring to learn about how they came to be. I wanted to see the sculptor’s studio, but all the trails were closed due to the weather and it was freakin’ cold, so I gave up and went to the gift shop and bought a magnet to put on my refrigerator. To go with all the other magnets of the cool places I’ve been. We have a Paris magnet, but I’ve never been there. However, Patrick had a friend who moved there for a few years and he brought him that magnet.

I got back in my car, checked Mt. Rushmore off my bucket list and headed for Crazy Horse.

I saw this as I was driving. Pretty cool.


I think it is the only face you can see in profile.

I drove through the Black Hills.

I live in Colorado and we have some pretty kick-ass mountains and scenery. It takes a lot to impress me. My husband’s uncle was seriously deflated when he took us to Yosemite and we said, “Yea, we have mountains like that.” I will admit to being impressed by the Grand Tetons.

And the Black Hills. The Black Hills were impressive. (Although, these pictures don’t do them justice).




What can I say? I’m a mountain snob.

I thought Mt. Rushmore was really cool.

Then I approached Crazy Horse and I thought, no freakin’ way!


This thing is HUGE!

AND, it was snowing. Harder.


I went in to the Visitor’s Center and walked around. There are many, many, MANY Native American artifacts. Which is really cool. But I got bored after about 2 minutes. A little too many for my ADD brain to process.

I watched the movie. I walked through the gift shop and bought the requisite magnet. I also bought some jewelry for my kids that is sold by the Native Americans that have booths set up.

They announced that a bus was leaving for the base of the monument. I walked outside and there was snow EVERYWHERE! Like an inch or more.

Are you kidding me?

I know when I am up against a formidable opponent and I went back to my car and decided I needed to revise my itinerary.

I would return to Crazy Horse on Sunday, before I left.

I mean, look at what I had to deal with.


Ok. It doesn’t LOOK that bad, but it was definitely not compatible with viewing this awesome monument.

On to Plan B. It involved wine. Ohhhh, but didn’t you know it would!


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