Toto, we are not at Frasca anymore

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I got in my car, put some info in my GPS to get me to “downtown” and I was off. My hotel was right near the highway. I found a radio station to listen to (I liked it a lot – much better than the one I listen to at home, 102.7). It takes about 5-10 min to get downtown. There are statues of the presidents on the street corners. I had expected to get out and walk around and take pictures. But I hadn’t had anything to eat since my morning smoothie, and I am used to eating every 2-4 hours (like a baby, ya know?), so I was STARVING. Finding food was the first thing on my agenda. It was pretty much all I could think about.

I looked at the restaurants I had on my list and drove until I found Tally’s Silver Spoon, located at the intersection of 6th Street and St. Joseph. It was only 4:40 and most restaurants don’t start serving until 5 or 5:30. Tally’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I was hoping I’d be able to get a meal there. I found a parking space right in front and went in.  There is a bar to the left and tables and booths. There was no one there except a gentleman at the bar.

My plan had been to sit at the bar at restaurants to eat, because the thought of sitting at a table by myself somehow seemed intimidating. I asked the bartender if they were serving food and she said they had a Happy Hour menu and seated me at a booth. I decided that was okay since there was really no one else at the restaurant, so I wouldn’t feel so conspicuous by myself.

A waiter brings me a Happy Hour menu that has a wine list (short) and appetizers. I look at the wine list and ask him about the Dreaming Tree Crush red blend.

“It’s good. It’s one of my favorites.”

Well, since I don’t know you from Adam, that’s not a ringing endorsement.

Uhhhhh. That’s nice. What does it taste like?

That’s not what I said. I looked at him for a long minute and then I asked, “Between a Cabernet and Pinot Noir, where is it?”

“Between them,” he replies.

I look at him again, waiting for more. More is not forthcoming. I continue to look at him, hoping he’ll throw me a bone in terms of a descriptive term or two. You know, something like “fruit forward” or “plush”, “jammy”, or “light tannins.”

Where the hell did I think I was? Fracsa? Nope, DEFINITELY wasn’t at Frasca (Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder – THE best restaurant in Colorado with exemplary wine service).

We continued to look at each other until he said, “Let me bring you a sample.”

“That would be good,” I replied.

He did and it was quite decent.


I knew I shouldn’t drink much on such an empty stomach. So, I looked at the menu. I asked him about the mussels and how fresh they were. He said they came in Tuesday.


Okay. Not the mussels. I ordered the lamb meatballs with tomato jam. They were nicely presented and rubbery in texture. They were decent. But still rubbery.


At 5 o’clock he brought me the regular menu. I ordered the Caprese salad. They had a unique and quite delicious take on it. It was a bread pudding made with mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes. This dish was exceptional.


The red tomatoes were to die for. The mozzarella bread pudding was an innovative take on this classic. It was filling and delicious. I forgave Tally’s for the waiter’s ineptitude with the wine.

I order dessert to go. It’s only about 5:30, so I’m planning ahead. It was a chocolate flourless cake-kind-of confection. (I never ate it. I put it in the refrigerator in the room, you know the one that wasn’t turned on, and when I got hungry for it, it was a melted mess).

I went back to the hotel. It was even too early to watch good TV!

I poured some wine that I brought. Red. Jellybean wine. It was yummy.

I even brought myself a proper wine glass. What you drink wine out of makes all the difference in how it tastes. (Never drink wine out of a styrofoam cup).

I read until it was TV watching time (different from the book I was listening to – I am a multitasker!).

It was Thursday night and Zung and I had started watching a TV show, Last Resort. I turned it on and fell asleep midway through! When I woke up, I read some more. Sadly, I had forgotten my Ambien. I tend to sleep poorly the first night in a hotel and tonight was no different. I slept very poorly.

I still had an itinerary to attend to the next day. And attend to it I did.


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