Last hours, many good-byes and some rain

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We are awakened by a knock on the door. It is room service with the continental breakfast we had ordered. Once we are up, Zung likes coffee and I like tea. We feel like we have to rush off to breakfast and decided to order this so we can have a more leisurely start. We are meeting the crew for breakfast.


We gradually wake up with our coffee and tea as we take in the gorgeous view.


We pack and then head to Bella Vista. I have to wait a few minutes for Zung and try to check my email in the Lobby of our building. I have seen people getting service there, most likely because someone has bought a router in one or more of the rooms.


I am getting no signal though.


For breakfast Zung had, well, you KNOW what he had.


He had his usual plate of fruit, including the ones that we called the hairy eyeballs.



I asked for them to make me a crepe fresh because I wanted a plain one and I wanted it hot and they put Nutella in the pre-made crepes.

I ordered a Mimosa.


It tasted so good that I ordered a second one. The second one tasted funny. I asked Zung to taste it to see if he thought it tasted funny and Danny joked about people doing that. They brought me a new one and that one tasted funny too. I give up.

The night before Danny had said that you get a sense of what people are like by interacting with them on the internet and wondered if I thought they were like I expected them to be. I said they were exactly like I thought they would be, right down to the sound of their voices. Then I asked if I was like they thought I would be and they said no. They said I came across as more type A and I was actually much more laid back. When I told my friend, Erika, that, she said I was sooo very Type A! I guess it depends on the environment. Maybe that is why I like the beach so much. I like being laid back. The vast quantity of alcohol consumed helps too, I’m sure.

We say good-bye as the crew is leaving earlier than we are. I have to say again what a spectacular surprise and delight it was getting to meet Steph, Dan, Tami and Tom and spend time with them on this trip. It truly was one of the highlights of this vacation.

Zung and I return to our building. I head to the beach and he goes back to the room for some more packing. I see Roberto in the Lobby and he asks me if I want some champagne. I have a picture of Roberto bringing Karen and I a bottle of champagne on our trip last January and I showed it to him this time. I am tempted, but it would be too much, so I just ask for a Mudslide. Zung comes out for a bit. Long enough to take a picture.


I am working hard on my tan so people at home will know I was on vacation.

I read. I gaze at the ocean, trying to feed my soul enough to last me until the next trip.


Zung went back up to the room.

The weather was great. For a minute. First there was a drop and then there was a downpour. Mother nature was telling me this vacation was over!





I went back to the room. As the elevator door opened on our floor, there was Zung. ready to come down and join me. We go back to the room, shower and finish packing. Our bags are under the 50# limit.


The bellboy calls and says he is there, but there is a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, so he didn’t want to knock. I tell him to come on up. He takes our bags and we get a ride from our butler to the lobby to check out. She says we only have spa charges for the massages.

Uhhhhh, you might want to check again. We booked directly with the hotel this trip because of the rate we got. Like any hotel, payment is due at check out. She checks and says I am correct and we pay for the room. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t said anything. I would never do that, but I wonder.

We ask to speak to the general manager and he comes out right away. We talk to him about the problems we had with a certain guest. I tell him I want to feel safe while I am there and not harassed and he assures me that is a reasonable expectation, and he was aware of some other of the issues we brought up and that they would be addressed.

We went go to the pool bar. It’s time for good-byes.



Daniel makes me a cuke mo.


They are setting up for the cooking class. We go into Las Brisa for lunch and see Abril, the hostess. She tells us it is supposed to be her day off, but they called her in to work. She assures us that she will get two days off next week. She was so nice, like all the staff at the Grand.

They are grilling lamb outside. I love lamb. I go out, but it is not quite ready so I go back in and get some ceviche and tuna tartare. Zung gets some salmon and veggies (he doesn’t like lamb).


Too bad because the lamb was DELICIOUS. Very, very yummy. One of the best things I had on this trip. I had french fries as well. They were yummy. I’m so glad the good french fries are back.


I was sad to be leaving.


Zung is still hungry, so he orders shrimp fajitas, feeling like he had not met his quota for this trip.


There is dessert.

We say good-bye to Olivia and Eduardo. We take a picture.



One last cucumber mojito.


We chat with Daniel until it is time to say good-bye and then there is the sad walk to the Lobby. Cancun Valet is waiting for us. The driver, Paulo, is the most chatty driver we have ever had.

We power shop at the airport. There is no time for Clam Chowder at Bubba Gump’s, and my stomach issues have still not completely resolved anyway. It will be a couple of days after we get home before I feel completely normal.

Good-bye Mexico, until next time.


We had a memento of our trip when we got home. We didn’t drink much of it and we didn’t want to be wasteful, so we brought it home. I drank the last of it last night.


Next adventure to blog about is my solo trip to South Dakota!



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  1. I so much enjoy your trip report! They make me feel like I’m vacationing with you!
    Can’t wait to hear about your solo trip!

  2. Oh I forgot thanks so much for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! And commenting!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful trip report! It brought back so many great memories of one of the best trips we’ve had at the Grand! I am so happy that we were able to be there at the same time again! I’m sad to see this trip report end, but I look forward to more cucumber mojitos and shoe contests with you;)
    P.S.- I felt guilty having the cucumber mojitos without you during our latest trip. It just wasn’t the same:( (but they were really yummy!)

  4. Just got back from our 5th trip and last Sunday night we stopped at the Lobby Bar before dinner. Humberto was there. I said, you’re the chocolate martini man. He said, you want one? I said no, do you realize how famous your chocolate martinis are. You are on the internet along with your picture. He rolled his eyes and said “Oh AnDREa”, I said yes. He commented that you were a very nice lady. Thought you might like to hear that.

    1. Thanks. Humberto is such a sweet man. The Grand is lucky to have him.

  5. Thanks for all the food pics, Andrea ! I like doing the same thing lol ! We are going to the Grand in April( our first time there, been to the Maya three times…) needless to say we are very much looking forward to our trip. In the mean time we will have to settle for a Caribbean cruise, leaving next Friday. Enjoy all your blogs and must say I am impressed with all of the traveling you do, a charmed life I must say !

    1. Thanks for reading. I enjoy the traveling and am trying to make up for the poor years. You’ll love the Grand. But it makes you a slave to luxury. Sometimes I feel like an addict. LOL.

  6. Yes, a slave to luxury… I like that phrase !

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