Best dinner of the trip and last evening

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There was a spectacular sunset.



My dress tonight was from H& M. Their prices are amazing to begin with, but this was a 50% off clearance. Can you say “Dirt Cheap”?


Dinner was at Haiku, the Asian. We requested a regular table, as opposed to sitting at a Teppanyaki table. I don’t know if it was the food or because I was feeling almost 100% (100% wouldn’t come until a couple of days after I got home), but it was the best dinner of our trip.

Zung had the Saigon Roll.


I had the Tuna Sashimi.



Zung had the Teriyaki Salmon.


I had the Grilled Lemon Beef Filet and Oyster Sauce. It was so good. Delicious.


We had the Fried Rice too, of course. It’s required. Okay, it’s not really, but it’s so good it should be.


There are no pictures of dessert, so I must surmise that we did not have any. I may have been saving my calories for a Chocolate Martini or two. I did take my wine with me. It must have been extra good.


We took a picture of the hostess that we had seen all week. She was lovely. Her name was Abril. She said she was going to be off the next day. As it would turn out, she would get called in to work the next day.


We walked to the Lobby Bar and ran in to Victor. We chat and we tell him we are leaving tomorrow. He tells us we are low maintenance. I would love to know what a high maintainance person asks for. We won’t see him tomorrow so we say good-bye. Victor is great.


We are soon joined by the crew and shortly after that, Daniel and Quiana. She is so lovely. I wish I could talk to her. He is so friendly and pleasant.

She wears great shoes too.

We took a bunch of pictures. First the chicas.




Then the guys. Handsome bunch, aren’t they?


We had someone take a group picture. All the chicas were wearing good shoes, as usual.


Then we took pictures of each couple. I think Danny wins for “Biggest Smile.”





There were no Chocolate Martini’s as it was Humberto’s night off. Can’t remember what I drank.

We enjoy our last evening together and then go back to our room.


A bath was drawn.


I hopped in. (Warning – make-up free picture ahead).


Here come the bubbles!


I had to do one more thing on this trip. I needed to order midnight room service. I ordered a Kobe burger with fries. I think I ordered dessert as well, profiteroles filled with cream. It sounded like an appropriate amount of food when I ordered it, but then I wasn’t that hungry when it arrived and didn’t do it justice. And Zung was asleep by the time it arrived and was no help at all.

It had been a great day. Massages, friends, good food, shoe photo shoots, bubble baths and midnight room service. I felt like I was just hitting my vacation stride. I couldn’t believe it was time to go home already, tomorrow. Next time, I really have to sign up for the 10 day plan. I’ll tell my trust fund administrator as soon as I get home. Oh wait, I don’t have a trust fund. All I have is a job.

And a half day more at the Grand.



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