Massages, sun, rain, and sun again

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These are Manolo Blahniks. I got them for a steal at the Nordstrom Rack. It’s the only time I’ve seen shoes like that at the Rack. It was one of my best all time scores. I literally did a double take when I saw them. I think they are outrageous, with those big bows and that bright shade of pink. So me.

We woke up early on our last day, Tuesday. It was a bit cloudy.

But Zung was patient and finally got a Zungrise picture that actually had some sun in it.

We went to Bella Vista for breakfast and Zung decided to go crazy and have something different. Wait. No he didn’t. He had an omelette, just like every other day.

There were lots of coatis outside the restaurant and people were feeding them.

We went to the Lobby Bar and I had my morning Mimosa.

It was good. It was so good, I had a second one.

In order to be extra efficient I would use my iPhone and iPad at the same time.

I exchanged some more money for tips (I tip in pesos). Then we went back to the room and got ready for our couples massage.  We went out to the massage hut and it was wonderful, as usual. Right after the massage it started to rain quite heavily. We went to the Lobby Bar again to drink and take advantage of the Wifi. If anyone from the Grand is reading this – It’s time to get Wifi throughout the resort. It really, really is time.

We saw Eder and he told us the rain will stop soon. We ordered some drinks and saw Tami and Tom. Tami was doing some work. I envy the free trips she gets as a travel agent but I don’t envy that she has to work on vacation. She said she doesn’t even get to take all the free trips she earns. I guess it’s both a blessing and a curse to be a good travel agent.

We have a drink and eat some pastries. They always have a tray of pastries at the lobby bar in the early part of the day. If you don’t eat a big breakfast you could have a continental type breakfast there. A Mimosa, a coffee and pastry. If I drank coffee I’d do that some days. Next time I’ll have to check if they have tea. I’m gonna bet they do.

We hung out there for a while and when the sun came out we went back to the beach. Steph and Dan were there. It was not long before it started to get windy and rain again though.

We went to the spa and Steph and Dan went to look for Tami and Tom.

I went to the pool bar, looking for Daniel and a cucumber mojito, but he wasn’t there. I was patient and would wait for him. We decided to go to lunch and just as we were walking up to Las Brisa, the crew was walking up. Great minds think alike!

They were making a seafood dish outside and Zung had some of that.

I had a pork taco, lobster and FRENCH FRIES, hot and fresh please.

After lunch we went to the pool bar and finally Daniel was there and made me a cucumber mojito. He seemed to have an unlimited supply of huge cucumbers.

We returned to the beach and we read for a while.

I dozed off and napped until I was awakened by a screaming lady. She was arguing with her travel companion (I actually think they were siblings), dropping some F-bombs. Another example of someone who has more money than class. There had been more examples of this on this trip than ever before. Not everyone that can afford the Grand belongs there or knows how to behave at a nice, high-end resort.

The screaming finally ended and we enjoyed the beach for a bit longer.

I went and got my shoes and we went out tho the rocks and did a shoe photo shoot.

You’ve seen those pictures at the beginning of each day. Here were some other pictures we took.




Both of these pictures of Zung are good. I couldn’t choose.



We asked somebody passing by to take our picture together.


This area is just south of the Grand and the water is nice and clear there, with no rocks, so we went in the water for a bit.

We packed up my shoes and went back to the room. We made rum and cokes. It was embarrassing how little of the Havana rum we had used.

We enjoyed the view and our rum and cokes, on this, our last evening at the Grand.


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  1. No!!!!! Last night, does that mean no more posts?! I so look forward to reading them. Hopefully you’ll be going back soon. Sounds like you had another awesome time! How can you not.

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