Snake Bar and New Friends

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Gratuitous shoe shot.

I like sparkly things. I had struck out at the jewelry store. I’d gone in a couple of times and nothing caught my eye. Plus, I missed Abraham. I would make up for my jewelry deficiency before we got home. At this point I had to make do with sparkly shoes.

We have some photo ops with some of the Star Friends.

The always entertaining Eduardo.


This lovely lady was brand new. She was always full of energy and cheerful. I don’t remember her name. I want to say Christina, but I’m not sure that is correct. She was delightful.

This was about the time that Tami and Steph said we were going to the snake bar. We go outside and ask for a ride and all pile into one of the extra-large gold carts.

Here is why it’s called the snake bar.

Cool, huh?

We ordered drinks. I don’t know what we were talking about, but we have some pretty funny expressions on our faces.


If I had to guess from our expressions, I would say pure girl-talk.


I don’t know what the guys were talking about, but it must have been about shoes because before we knew it, Danny was trying on Zung’s boots.


Zung loves boots and wears them almost everywhere and all the time. Not on the beach though. That would just be weird. I love a man who wears nice boots.

One thing I noticed when we were at the Maya was the employees were in light blue uniforms. Until then, every Iberostar employee has worn either the trademark royal blue and yellow uniform or regular clothes (see Eder from Sunday night in the Music Bar) or a black suit/tux (managers at night). I wonder if they are going to make a change. I can’t say I loved the blue and yellow, but I prefer it over this light blue. Blue is my favorite color, but this was the shade that you’d dress a newborn baby in.

We only stayed at the Maya for one drink. We obviously are not the bar crawl type because we asked for a ride back to the Grand when we were done.

Danny and Zung had obviously bonded over the shoe thing.


See the power of shoes?

We went back to the Grand and the Lobby Bar. We sat around talking and drinking.

I will confess, I had my phone with me and I sneaked a peak at my email. I had talked with my director before I left for vacation about an initiative I have been trying to push forward for, oh, about 15 years. It’s called the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and it’s a designation in reference to a high level of support that the hospital provides to its breastfeeding mothers. There are only 149 hospitals and birthing centers nationwide that currently have this designation. My hospital was on the cusp of moving forward with the process of obtaining this designation. I had told my director if she had good news to email me. She chastised me about not being unplugged on vacation. Whatever. I told her to email me anyway.

There was an email from her saying that management council had approved it. That means we will start the process of becoming a Baby Friendly hospital. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this made me. I told Zung and we high-fived and I explained to everyone else why I was so happy.

The previous night, after the “incident”, when we were walking back to our room, another couple had passed us and the gentleman told us he’d had an unpleasant exchange with Eddie as well. He said he had reported it to the front desk and had encouraged us to do the same, which we had. We saw this couple and Zung went over and asked them to join us. His name is Daniel and her name is Quiana (isn’t that the most beautiful and exotic name you have ever heard?). They were from the Netherlands.

We had a lovely time with them.



She didn’t speak much English, but he was fluent. Who cares? She wore great shoes, and as we all know, in the end, that’s what really counts.


Zung and Daniel.


They did a shoe-off too, but it didn’t pack quite the same punch.


We really have to thank Eddie for meeting them. Thanks Eddie.

We said good-night and went back to our room, where this was waiting for us.




A lovely end to a lovely day. We had said a sad good-bye to our new good friends, Steve and Janelle, but we had met some new, wonderful people, Quiana and Daniel. We had met so many lovely people on this trip. It will surely go down as the trip that brought us together with so many wonderful people.

And we still had another whole day to go!!!!



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  1. It’s so crazy that the one guest was running around so nasty on vacation! What’s the point? ACH-
    You both look DAZZLING as always- and many congrats to you and your hospital. 🙂

  2. He was rude to them too?! They were the nicest couple. So very friendly every time we saw them. They even teased me about my Texas accent. This trip really was about bringing people together. Love your posts always and so happy I have a little piece of my trip even though its been 3 months! And Congratulations on getting your initiative passed!

  3. Just to clarify about the Baby Friendly – we are going to pursue becoming Baby Friendly. We haven’t been awarded the designation. Yet. It will take a couple years, but getting the commitment from the necessary parties to get to this point is significant. And took me 15 years to get to this point. When we get the actual designation, well, that will require a pair of shoes as celebration!

  4. LOVE your shoes! But I would probably break an ankle…or both!

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