Dinner at L’Atelier and plans for another adventure

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Tonight’s dress came from H&M. Did I mention that I love that store? It always takes several tries before I get that bow just right.

Zung and I went to L’Atelier for dinner. This is the “Gourmet” restaurant. It is my least favorite of the four Grand restaurants. Which is not to say that it is not good. It’s just never amazing. Tonight it was no where close to amazing.

Apps were good. Zung had the lobster salad with asparagus.

I had the pheasant turnover. This is super yummy and I always want to lick the plate clean.

The entrees were a case of them looking prettier than they tasted.

Zung got the salmon. He said it was not that good.

I got the duck. I got this when I was here in January and it was excellent. This time it was decent.

Desserts were good.

Zung got the Apple Tatin.

I got the St. Honore. I liked it.

Quite a lot.

The dinner conversation was about my bucket list. Or rather, about a particular item on my bucket list. I wanted to see Mt. Rushmore. Zung, not so much. Every time I brought it up, he was decidedly less than enthusiastic about it. That’s ok. A couple doesn’t have to do everything together. So, I said I could go by myself.


It’s only a 6 hour drive.

“That’s not safe.”

It’s South Dakota, not LA. I think this is the point that my inner feminist came out and I decided not only did I really want to see Mt. Rushmore, I wanted to make the trip alone. I never have taken a trip alone. Not even a professional conference. But you have to start somewhere. I’d never taken a vacation without Zung. Until I did. When I went to Las Vegas with my best friend, Erika three years ago. I’d never gone to Mexico without Zung. Until I did. When I went with my BFF, Karen, a year and a half ago. And I’d never taken a solo vacation. So, it was time I did.

The things I do for blog material. Stay tuned for that adventure.

After dinner, we went to the Lobby Bar and sat at a table and waited for the crew. Ahleli  came over and told me Humberto was in the Music Bar and could make me a chocolate martini. I went in to see him, because I had not gotten to see him after the “incident” the night before. I gave him a hug and a kiss and we chatted a bit. I gave him another hug before I went back out to the Lobby Bar. I didn’t realize that would be the last time I would see him this trip because the next night was his night off.

Ahleli brought me one of his chocolate martinis.

The crew arrives. We have a drink. Tami drinks white wine. The odd thing about the white wine choices is they used to have a lovely Sauvignon Blanc on the wine list by Antares. It is no longer on the wine list, but it is what they served in the bars.

Tami and Steph announce it’s time for a Bar Crawl. I’m in! Where’s our chauffeur?


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