Beachy Monday

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These shoes are sparkly, with the crystals crisscrossing the front. I bought them at Nordstrom. They are cute and fun. They are not designer shoes. They are not comfortable shoes. There, I said it. These are shoes for sitting, not walking, nor standing. But some shoes are just so cute, you have to throw practicality to the wind and say, I’ll get them anyway. And I’ll sit.



Monday brought breakfast at Bella Vista and bacon and eggs for me and an omelette for Zung. There were mangoes for both of us.



Oops, looks like I ate before I took a picture.

We saw Steve and Janelle having their last breakfast before leaving. We chatted with them a bit and then went to the Lobby Bar where I had two Mimosa’s.


Steve and Janelle came to the lobby and there were sad good-byes. I was really glad we’d been able to coordinate our dates to be here at the same time. They were so nice and so much fun. This was definitely the start to a long-lasting friendship. Hopefully we will be at the Grand at the same time again and hopefully without a stalker.

Zung and I walked back to our room, stopping to take some pictures of the many coatis that were out today.


We got beach-ready and then went out to the beach and sat with the crew. It is HOT! Olivia came around with her popsicles. I had a mango-coconut and it was yummy. These must be eaten quickly or they melt all over and get very messy.

Woman vs popsicle:


Tami looks like she’s saying, “HOW fast do I have to eat this?”

I have a Mudslide. We go to the pool bar and I have a cucumber mojito. Ohhhhhkay. that’s enough drinks. Time for some food. We go into Las Brisa with the crew for some lunch.

Zung had shrimp tacos.


I had a Caesar salad made by Olivia. I was making quite a habit out of this.



Mmmmmm. French fries rounded out my meal. As did a rum and coke. I think that just about covers all the major food groups.




Back to the pool bar for another cuke mo. Back to the beach. The waves were fierce.




I went in the water and ended up with sand in my suit. Lots of sand. Everywhere.

The crew went in for naps. Zung napped on the beach. What is it about laying on the beach all day that wears us out? Possibly the eating and drinking have an effect.

Possibly. I need to do more research to find out.


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