Dinner at Venecia with “The Crew”

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At 3 pm Tami and Tom went to the lobby to get their room keys. We saw Steve and Janelle as we were leaving, so we introduced them to Tami and Tom. I had been assigned to try to get reservations at Venecia (the Italian) for the six of us. Tami said when she checked in she asked about me and they knew who I was, so she thought I might have some kind of pull to get the reservations. I really don’t think I do, but I was happy to try. The concierge said if they had room, they could do it and fortunately they DID have room. I figured I’d let the rest of the crew believe that I had special influence. LOL. I may be a rock star with my readers, but I think the Grand treats everyone special.

Zung and I then went to the pool bar and got a Daniel Special – cucumber mojitos, and had him make a couple for Steve and Janelle.


Janelle and I gave Daniel some love (photo courtesy of Steve Gargano).


Tami and Tom and Steph and Dan (heretofore known as “the crew”) came by and ordered drinks. (This photo also courtesy of Steve).


I manage to have 2 cuke mo’s before Daniel leaves at 4. (Now, remember, we left lunch at 3). We chatted with Steve (New York) and Steve (North Carolina).

There was a cucumber on the ledge of the pool, but Daniel says it is not the one from the day before. I guess they had so much fun with the first one that they asked for another one when they came back today.

Zung went to the spa to take a nap and I went to the room to get ready for dinner. I have no idea why he went to the spa and not back to the room. But that’s what I wrote in my notes.

Results of my getting ready for dinner. (Picture taken with my phone and a little fuzzy).


We walked to Venecia, where the crew was waiting. We took some pictures, cause we all looked so damn good!

Three FINE men.


And their lovely ladies.

I made them take this picture twice, because the first time they didn’t get the shoes in the picture. I mean, what’s the point?!

We were seated. We ordered red and white wine. We ordered. We were brought our Amuse Bouche of mascarpone cheese and mango. You get to eat the little cracker spoon too.



The minestrone.



Roasted veggies with cheese. There might be some shrimp on there as well. It’s been too long for me to remember. (Note to self, take phone to dinner to make notes about food).


Caprese salad.


Zung got the fettuccine, cause he’d liked mine so much the other night.


I got the lamb. Venecia has a reputation for doing the lamb well and it did not disappoint.


The lobster and shrimp risotto. I think someone got this as an entree and we got another plate for a side dish for several of us to share.



Danny got the sea bass.


I think this was the veal.



Everyone was pleased with their food so far.

Someone ordered Tiramisu for dessert.


I asked if they had coconut ice cream. The waiter said, no, they did not. I decided it was time to ask for something special again. I asked if he could maybe find some coconut ice cream for us. I think just about everyone other than the tiramisu eater wanted coconut ice cream. Not only did they find us some coconut ice cream, they made it all pretty. I mean, they presented it well.



It was dee-licious.

The Grand rocks!

Dinner was a successful palate pleaser.

Next stop, the Lobby Bar. It actually has a name – Mirador. But everyone just refers to it as the Lobby Bar.

We sat at one of the sofas and pulled up some extra chairs. I ordered a chocolate martini and asked the waitress that Humberto (who was in the Music Bar) make it. Okay, I think they may have created a monster with all my special requests.

We were talking and having a good time.

I saw Steve and Janelle start to come in to the Lobby Bar and then they walked back towards the Music Bar. A short time after that, one of the waitresses brought me a note.


It says (if you can’t read it):

Hello Andrea, We are going to have a reunion at the Sports Bar. Steve’s Bar. If you are interested we would like you to join us. Tanks.(Thanks) Humberto

Well, who could say no to that? I gathered up my crew and we headed into the Music/Sports bar.

As we left the Lobby Bar Eddie asked me if we were going to the disco. He seemed very expectant when he asked. I said no, we were planning to head out soon.  This may be relevant to what happened later. Or it may not. It was such inexcusable behavior, who is to say?

We went to join the reunion. We had an awesome time with great people. But unfortunately, it ended very badly.




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  1.….come on!!!! how can we sleep tonite???!!! 🙂

    1. Jill – always leave your audience wanting more!

  2. Love the dress that your blonde friend is wearing. Any chance you know where she got it?


  3. yes please don’t make us wait too long for the rest of this story! Too suspenseful !!

  4. I have a pretty good idea as to what happened next but would really like to know why it happened (which Andrea can’t tell us).

  5. Don’t wait to long to post and we all want to know everything that happened.everything lol

  6. OK that is even MORE interesting now that Kristy left that comment about Andrea not being able to tell us everything? The suspense is killing me 🙂

  7. The zig zag patterned dress? Love it! Would like to know where she got it from.


  8. The zig zag pattern dress….I got it at Dillards (on sale right before this trip actually….). Very comfortable and no fuss for packing/travel!! 🙂

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