Biggest Surprise EVER!

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After the exertion of our nature walk we were ready for some chill time on the beach. We settled ourselves in and ordered some M&M drinks. Mudslide for me and Margarita for Zung. I then walked down the beach, looking for Steph and Dan so I could give Dan his glasses. He’d left them in the Lobby Bar the night before. He was pretty happy to see them!

Zung and I relaxed on the beach for a bit. When we got hungry, we headed to Las Brisa for  some lunch. We stopped to tell Steph and Dan. Well, Steph was asleep, so we told Dan. We stopped by the pool bar, but Daniel wasn’t there.

Zung ordered a Victoria.

I ordered french fries. They made it all pretty with parsley sprinkled around.

Yummo! When these fries are fresh and hot they are better than…well, they’re really damn good! I would specify, “Fresh and hot,” because I didn’t want anything that had been sitting around under a heat lamp, getting stale and cold.

They were grilling lobster outside again today. Yay! I had missed out the other day when I was sick, so I was happy to get another chance. I got one and Zung got two.

I posted both of those pictures so you can see the difference between one and two.

I also had a Caesar salad made my the always delightful Olivia.

Okay, I’ll admit, that one is getting repetitive.

Zung got shrimp in an assortment of preparations. That man loves his shrimp.

We are finishing up. Enjoying the view.

It has been such an enjoyable day. Morning Mimosas, nature walk with Steve and Janelle. Lovely, tasty lunch.

We have gotten to meet and spend time with so many nice people. Although the trip started out bumpy, with me getting sick, the people we’d gotten to meet had more than made up for it. Old Iberostar friends like Daniel, Humberto, Ahleli, Eduardo and Eder (to name just a few). TA friends like Steve (from North Carolina), Candy and Mark, and Steve and Janelle (who were more than TA friends since we’d actually met them in the flesh before). And of course Steph and Dan, who we must have known in a previous life. It was uncanny how much we had in common, and so great to actually get to meet them in person.

Could it get any better?

Well, yes. Yes, it could.

We were just about finished and thinking about leaving. We were finishing up dessert. I glanced up and saw Steph and Dan. I waved. She waved and smiled. They were walking to their table.

My eyes moved to the person next to Steph.

She waved to me also. (Casually, I might add.)

Video of the next few seconds would have been good.

My jaw dropped open, my eyes widened. I’m pretty sure there was a gasp.

It was Tami! My travel agent and good friend. We’d never met in person. But, you know, you can get really close to a person without ever actually meeting them in the flesh. I’d wanted to meet her real-time for ages. However, it had never worked out for one reason or another.

I’d had no idea she was going to show up at the Grand. It completely took me by surprise. I think I was saying something to that effect. She was with her husband, Tom. They came over and there were hugs and explanations to Zung about what all the fuss was about.

“You got me! I had no idea!”

It was great. It was really awesome. It was fantastic. Am I getting the point across about what a great surprise this was?

We all moved to a table for six and I think sitting there with them all was one of my best vacation moments ever.

Zung and Tom bonded over car stuff. Steph and Dan and Tami and Tom have been great friends for ages. We talked like we had know each other forever.

As we talked and I kept shaking my head that these four had pulled this off. I thought the Steph and Dan surprise was awesome. But that one I had a suspicion about.

This has to go down as theBEST surprise EVER!


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