Nature Tour at the Maya

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Christian Louboutin’s. I got these (for myself) on Mother’s Day 2011. My BFF, Karen said they look like they came from Payless, so I call them my Payless shoes. When I tell other people she said that, they ask if she is still my friend. She is, but that comment was a big test to the limits of our friendship. Seriously, Payless?

I know I’m not suposed to have favorites, but these are my favorites. Shhh, don’t tell my other shoes.

It was a sunny, gorgeous day. Such monotony. We slept in until 8, which is late for us. I was NOT hungry when I woke up. We went to Bella Vista for breakfast anyway.

There was a copy of USA Today on our door every morning. It was a special tourist edition for the Riviera Maya. They had the same issue Saturday and Sunday, but they put a special cover on it Sunday.

I’m not wearing my sunglasses because I’m a Rock Star trying not to be noticed (I love being noticed). We were sitting by the window and since I was facing the sun I needed them or I’d be doing some serious squinting.

I decided to go light on my breakfast: yogurt, fruit, a fresh sugared donut and bacon. I know some people may not consider a donut and bacon light, but I won’t pass judgement on what you eat and you don’t pass judgement on what I eat, K?

I actually didn’t eat more than a bite of the donut. It was heavy today, and life is too short to eat food that’s not good.

Zung had his usual omelette, donut and big plate of fruit. After he tries to convince me that eggs are actually a health food…

…he tells me the fruit neutralizes any bad effects the eggs might have anyway.

He is so brave with his fruit choices.

When we are done we go to the lobby bar so I can plug in for a while. I have my morning Mimosa and Zung has his latte. We see Rosie and Eddie and chat for a bit. I exchange some money.

Steve and Janelle come by and we chat and decide the time has come to go on our nature walk. This was on our list of things to do together.  Today is the day.

We start to set off but I can’t find my sunglasses. We go back to Bella Vista and they are not there. I check the restroom and they are not there either. Then I check my wristlet one more time, and there they are! I’m a tad embarrassed.

We stop at the spa to get some waters and set off. There is a path right by the spa that connects to the Maya. We walk through the Maya courtyards, which are beautiful and if you are at Iberostar Paraiso you should definitely take a walk through these. There is a plethora of things to see.

Steve was trying to convince us there would be monkeys, but we knew better. There are coati and those giant rodent looking things, but there are no monkeys. You have to go to the Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal for monkeys.

We walked by the pool briefly and I was getting really hot in my dark blue capris. I thought Steve planned to take us all through the whole complex and finish at the Beach/Del Mar and I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. I was thrilled when the tour ended at the bird cages at the Maya.

We walked through the snake bar and the Maya lobby.

Same thing, different view. This view is looking towards the Maya Lobby Bar, also known as the snake bar. The reason for that (if you don’t know) will be divulged in a later post.

We asked the bell boys to call for a golf cart ride from the Grand. It wasn’t that far, but it had gotten quite hot. And Janelle and I are diva’s.

While we did not see any monkeys on the tour, we did see a beautiful blue butterfly while we waited for our golf cart. But we weren’t quick enough with the camera, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Our chariot (disguised as a gold cart) arrives and takes us back to building 71. I can’t remember who drove us, but I do remember Steve asking if there were any monkeys and the driver’s reply had undertones of, “Dude, you’ve been drinking too much tequila.”

When we got back to our building Janelle gave me a present she’d brought for me. It’s a bracelet with a star, for Iberostar, a blue bead for the blue ocean and a charm that said “I wish” because I’m always wishing I was here. It was pretty and so sweet that she got it for me.

I have said it before, Steve and Janelle are so nice and we really enjoyed spending time with them. Good, kind, genuine people.

The day had started our beautifully. There was still a kick ass surprise though.


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  1. This trip report is full of suspense…

  2. I agree, Janelle and Steve are wonderful people!

  3. LOVE the shoes! And they totally don’t look like they’re from Payless! 🙂

  4. Kristy – stay tuned!
    Candy – we met so many nice people from TA. You and Mark were so cute and fun and Steve from North Carolina was pure southern charm and manners!
    Michael – I know, right?

  5. The courtyards at the Maya are beautiful and we regretted not taking more pictures of them. We waited until the second to last night and then it rained as we walked back from the Mexican trying to get the pictures. Building 65/66 where we were was not the best of them.

  6. i just love your blog Andrea! I found it while researching for our trip to the Maya. we visited May of this year. Absolutely fell in love with Iberostar. I love your stories and family 🙂 I would like to try the grand someday soon. we are going again dec 2-9th and staying at the Tucan in PDC. I know you havent stayed there, but any tips on traveling to the area in December? Also, I know it probably wont be AS nice as the Maya, but we were looking for Iberostar quality and be closer to PDC .. and those monkeys sold me! I know this question doesnt entirely relate to this post, but wasnt sure how to contact you? Hope me and my boyfriend see you and Zung one day, itll be a rockstar moment for sure!!

    1. Natalie, First of all, thank you for all your kind comments. I have stayed in PDC 5 times at Royal Hideaway and Rui Palace Mexico. There is a nice little shopping center across the street from the Tucan with an ATM. It’s a $5 cab ride or 20 minute walk to 5th Avenue and that time of year makes the walk a comfortable one. 5th Avenue has lots of shops and many of them will tell you they have a deal “just for you” – LOL. I’ve never walked 5th in the evening, but it looks like a completely difference experience. We were there in early Decemeber and I thought the weather was the best of any time we’ve been. Have a great time. Let me know what you think of the Maya.

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