Daniel’s Giant Cucumber

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We go to the beach (well, duh! That’s why we came here). It is a beautiful day. We decide the pretty wicker chairs with the cushions are not as comfortable as they look because they cushions keep sliding down. We go to the right when we walk out to the beach, nearer to the massage hut. There are mesh chairs here and there are some cushions, but they don’t slide down.

The view is spectacular.


I try to catch up on my frequent drinker miles. I order (and then drink) a Mud Slide (aka milkshake for grownups).


Oh, okay, here is one more shot of the gorgeous scenery.

We did what we do on the beach: read, gaze at the ocean, maybe take a nap. It’s important to get enough of these things in during vacation, to stock up until the next vacation.

It soon became that time of day, the time when you go and get a properly made cucumber mojito. Daniel was at the pool bar. We exchanged greeting. He knows I love to chat with him. However, he knew the real reason I was there. He knew what I wanted.

He worked his magic. He handed over my drink.  I went to give him a tip and he said, “Oh! Wait!” Then he went and opened the refrigerator that is under the counter and pulled out this…



Daniel, that is a VERY large cucumber you have!

There were some women in the pool (they were there with a wedding party) who saw it and immediately started yelling for it. They had quite the time with it. There was simulation of both oral sex and regular old garden variety sex. I have photos of it (or rather Steve had some photos of it that he sent me), but since I never asked those people if they minded if I put pictures like that on the internet, I’m not going to post them.

Let’s just say, it provided quite a bit of raunchy entertainment.

Steve and Janelle came along and were ready to try their first cucumber mojitos. They liked them a lot. Not everybody does, and I make such a big deal out of them, I’m kind of relieved when people do.

(Photo courtesy of Steve)

Then, because Daniel is such a player, we took a picture of him with the babes only.

After I make quick work of my cucumber mojito, we go in to Bella Vista for lunch.

Zung gets his favorite drink.


He has some grilled lobster, and some paella.


I had another Caesar salad made by Olivia. Then I went back for some paella, which was tasty but greasy.


We have a couple bites of dessert.


After lunch there are more cucumber mojitos. We try to return to the beach, but it is so windy that we feel we are being sandblasted. We go to the spa.

These dudes guard the spa.




Zung took a nap.


I got in the bubble maker.


After his nap, Zung got in the pool as well. (I complained he wasn’t smiling big enough, so this is what I got).


There may have been yet another cucumber mojito after the spa. But if there was, there is no photographic evidence, uhhh, record of it.

We went back to the room to get ready for dinner. There was another wedding (it had been a busy time for weddings). I like this picture because it looks so chaotic. Although I did not ask these people if I could put their picture in my blog, since they weren’t doing anything embarrassing, I’m going to include it.


I think this was the whole group.


So far, it had been a nice day. I had no idea it was going to get spectacularly better.

BIG surprise ahead!




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