Saturday – Morning Routine

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Manolo Blahniks – bought on SALE at Nordstrom’s

Saturday – I am hungry when I wake up! First time this trip. That seems like a good sign.

Zung takes his Zungrise picture, and a couple extra.




Although it may not look like this from the picture, I had a good, substantial, breakfast. I tried a fresh donut. I think this may have been the first time I have had one. As a rule, I don’t eat donuts. There is nothing redeeming about them. Not like chocolate, or wine, which are heart healthy foods. Rum is probably heart healthy as well. They just haven’t figured it out yet.

I had a crepe, but it had nutella in it, and I felt like that would be pushing my luck, so I just ate the edges. Probably the thing I was most excited about eating was the bacon. Bacon really has no redeeming qualities. It’s just damn good.

Zung got an omelette. And all the other things he likes. We have many conversations about the evils of eggs. He seems convinced they get a bad rap.


He gets the hairy eyeballs and slimy fruit again.


I am wishing they had some mango, but there is none out. Hugo, the manager of Toni’s is there and comes by to see if everything is all right. I ask if, by chance, they have any mango. He asks how many I would like and I say two. Lo and behold, they have it and he brings four.


Ask and you shall receive.

Pretty cool.

I share with Zung. Then I head off to the Lobby bar. I see Dave and Laurie and stop and chat a bit with them. They are sad because they are leaving today. Leaving is always sad. But they are planning to return soon, so, I’m not going to feel too sorry for them.

I order my morning Mimosa at the Lobby bar. They have a platter of delectable pastries on the counter and I take one of those. It is yummy. It goes well with my Mimosa.


Zung joins me and orders his latte.


I check my email. I make a “Live From” post here, on my blog. I check in on Trip Advisor. I play Words With Friends. I check for hurricanes. There are none.

Now I am ready for the beach. We walk past the Gift Shop and I decide the striped bathing suit in the window is calling to me. Must have been a wrong number, because it didn’t look good on me at all.

We walk back to the room. I need to get my tan on.




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  1. I think I miss the breakfast buffet the most! The hash browns and mozzarella sticks! I know horrible for you but when at the Grand anything goes, well at least that was our motto! Is the star friend from Milwaukee WI still there? I can’t remember her name but Edar would recall. Sad to hear they are blocking the view from the pool! That is so sad! Is the bartender Roberto still working the pool bar? If so, when we were there, he made me the Roberto special, but I never got the recipe… It had something blue in it. If you run into him and he remembers it, I would love the recipe! It was so good, but not as good as the coco loco…my favorite! Keep posting!

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