Dinner at Toni’s Again and Steve’s Bar

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We dressed for dinner. We were eating at Toni’s again tonight.

We are seated and I am feeling good, so we want to order a bottle of wine. I ask for the wine list and Eli, the sommelier, comes over and hands me the wine list, open to the wines that are extra (not part of the all-inclusive). He makes a few recommendations. I tell him I will look at the list and I look at the included wines. He comes back and I tell him which wine we would like. He asks, “You want that table wine?”

I have to say, I don’t care for this guy. I don’t like how he looks down his nose when you want to order an included wine. When he brought the bottle of wine, he again made the comment about it being a “table” wine. Yea, yea, I got it the first time you didn’t approve of my choice. They have changed the wine list since I was here in January. The A4 – Antonio Bandares Tempranillo is no longer on the list. That was one of my favorites.

The wine goes down well and my stomach remains on good terms with me.


I order a Caesar salad and ask that it be brought as my appetizer. I feel good after eating it.

Zung orders the lobster cream soup.


Zung gets the classic surf and turf again.


I decide to diversify and order the rib eye and potatoes lyonaisse.


Zung orders the tomato salad.


My rib eye is delicious. I am feeling like I am back on my game. Until I get about halfway through my steak, when my stomach starts rolling again. Seriously? What is going on? This is getting really old.

We skip dessert.

As we leave, we see Janelle and Steve.


Janelle and I have a shoe off. It is a tie. I like her shoes a lot.


Zung and I head to the Lobby Bar, hoping to meet up with Dave and Laurie. They are there and we sit and chat with them for a while. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture of them. They used to love the Secrets hotels, but now they love the Grand. We talked about the house and condo development called Iberostate (we toured the house when we were here last October, there are pics of it in that trip report). They tell us the program has been scrapped. That’s too bad, we were interested in it. They had been as well. It must not have been selling though.

Dave and Laurie are leaving tomorrow. We wish them safe travels.

We say hi to Eder.

We then we go to “Steve’s Bar” for a bit with Steve and Janelle. This is actually the music bar (Rhapsody I think is the real name). Steve and Janelle have been hanging out in here a lot, so they named it Steve’s Bar. Humberto is the bartender, so it is a good place to hang out.


My drink of choice is a club soda. Again. Damn.

We return to our room and I go to sleep, hoping for a better day tomorrow, stomach wise. Tomorrow will bring more surprise guests. An awesome surprise that I suspected might happen.


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  1. Wow! I love your dress and you are rocking it!

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