My first Cucumber Mojito – cheating on Daniel

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Zung and I returned to the beach. We did what we do, read, napped, gazed at the ocean. Eduardo came by and we chatted for a bit. I asked him what he wanted to do when he was no longer a Star Friend. He has big plans to start his own company. He wants his best friend (former Star Friend, Jesus) to go into business with him. It had something to do with medical testing. He has a degree in finance. I believe there was a broken heart that led to the Star Friend job.

I asked him if he was leading the yoga class at 4:30. He said no, Eder was.

I was seriously thinking about going to 4:30 yoga. Around 4 we headed over to the pool area.

We interrupt this blog to bring you a public service announcement. The infinity pool at the Grand used to have a broad, impressive view of the ocean. You could be in the pool and look out at the awesome view of the ocean. It was the best of both worlds. They must be on some kind of “kill the great ocean views” kick (they are putting partitioned glass in the archways of the ocean front buildings, killing the “heaven’s gate” view). They have put in thick bushes in front of most of that awesome pool view, so now it is just a sliver of a view. I imagine they have a good reason for this. Maintaining awesome views isn’t one of them.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. At the pool. Looking for yoga.

I saw Eder and asked him about yoga and he said, no, he wasn’t doing it. Wasn’t sure who was. He looked around, like he might see someone who was doing the class. Oh, this should be good.

Yoga really isn’t the kind of thing that can be led by just anyone. I was rapidly losing interest in taking the 4:30 yoga class.

I decided to have a cucumber mojito instead. They’re kind of the same, aren’t they?

I sit down at the bar. I don’t see Daniel, so I ask Carlos, “Where’s Daniel?”

He tells me that it is Daniel’s day off. Really? Seriously? Why was the Universe trying to come between me and my cucumber mojitos?(And isn’t Saturday Daniel’s day off?)

Carlos asked me what I wanted to drink. I told him I’d wanted Daniel to make me a cucumber mojito and he said  he could make me a cucumber mojito.

What could I say?

Carlos tasted it before giving it to me and said it tasted a little sour. He was right. I told him next time, less lime.


I love Carlos, but I didn’t love his cucumber mojito.

Steve was in the pool, so we hopped in. Janelle was at the gift shop, but she soon joined us. We chatted for a while. I love these two.

It was getting cloudy, so we went back to the room and made Havana rum and cokes, and relaxed on  our balcony.

Life is good.


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  1. I asked that question last year about the shrubs being planted in front of the infiniti pool. The answer I got was that the sand would blow into the infiniti pool whenever there was a strong wind off the ocean. That made sense to me because the second year we were there *(in November), they were building a sandbag wall against the wind. They must have been tired of removing the sand from the pool. The Grand is the first resort we have ever stayed at that that was so close to the ocean. Could the design of the resort be the problem?

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