Return of THE Fries

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When Zung is hungry, we go to Las Brisa for lunch. He gets a Victoria today. I stick with water again (yawn).

They are making coconut shrimp outside today for their special entree.



Zung says it is tasty and I try one. While it IS tasty, it is way to heavy for me.  I wander around the buffet and decide to have a Ceasar salad made by the delightful Olivia. It was perfect for me, but would probably make Caesar Cardini roll in his grave. You could choose what you wanted in it, including lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bacon (these were the ingredients for my salad), anchovy, onion, and possibly some other things I don’t remember.


Zung followed up with some grilled lobster. (I was envious, because that is one of my lunchtime favorites – you can have lobster at breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Grand).


I got a little dessert. It looked pretty (before I ate half of it), but it was a little too thick and gelatinous for me. I obviously needed several bites before I came to this conclusion.


Zung had had only had two lunches so far, so he went back for #3. It was an odd assortment of things, an egg roll, some pork (or fish or chicken) and some french fries.


French fries? FRENCH FRIES! OMG! THE fries. The best fries ever. They were gone the last time I was here. Replaced by pathetic sticks impersonating french fries.

I tasted one to be sure. It was them all right.


All was right with the world again.


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  1. Love, love reading your blog. Can’t believe we never met you. Stayed at the Royal Hideaway a couple times, but can live without it, although I thought the food was great, as well as the service of course. Have been to Playa/Tulum area probably 20?? times. and my fav Cozumel 9? lost count. Several other areas of Mexico also, oh and don’t forget the “great” trip to the Domincan Republic (never again in MY life, pure filth).

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