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My 50th birthday shoes. Christian Dior. People are amazed when I tell them how comfortable these shoes are. They’re gorgeous and I got a great deal on them. Shoe trifecta.

Friday arrives and Zung takes his Zungrise picture. We never get tired of waking up to this.


This was a good shot too. (Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one).


I still was not feeling awesome. I kept breaky simple. I tried some yogurt today. There was no mango.The watermelon was kind of bland.


Zung is always happy with his omelet.


He was adventurous with his fruit choices. He got this fruit that looked and tasted like lychee. I asked the waiter if they were lychee and he said no, but similar. We called them hairy eyeballs.

You can’t see it too well, but the yellow thing had seeds in what looked like slime. Zung said it tasted like seeds in slime. Not a favorite. I’ll give him credit for trying new and strange-looking foods. Not me. I’d say, “No way am I trying that.”

I ate my yogurt and watermelon, drank my tea and headed off to the lobby bar for my morning Mimosa. Zung was never done as quickly as I was, so he would join me when he was and order a latte. We established quite a nice routine. This morning I was able to drink all of my Mimosa.


As you can see, one electronic device is not enough for me. I’d be working on my phone and iPad at the same time. Sometimes at home I have the computer going too. Technology, it’s a great (addictive, obsessive, consuming) thing.

We returned to our room to prepare for the beach. Zung takes some pictures of the area to the south of us. It is quite jungle-y. This is where the honeymoon villas are. I don’t get the impression that they are used as much as anticipated. They don’t have an ocean view and I think people are wowed by the amazing ocean front view and prefer that. Just my opinion.



These buildings are the abandoned Capella development to the south of the Grand. I posted a lot of pictures of this development from my October 2011 trip.

They are upgrading the beach loungers. They are putting some of the beds out on the beach. This area of the beach had an assortment of lounging options. There were the mesh loungers, the wicker single loungers and some of the double beds.


They have this one canopied bed. It was, surprisingly, occupied only part of the day. Often reserved and not used. You can see in this picture that it is not reserved at this time. You can also see they are setting up for a wedding.



We spent the morning taking gratuitous bikini shots.


…and some beefcake… (pretty awesome for 65).


…a couples self-portrait…


The wonderful Roberto came by and I threw caution to the wind and ordered a Coco Loco.


It did not sit well with my stomach, which felt unsettled and cramped after I drank it. I stubbornly (ok, some might say foolishly), drank the entire thing.

Zung ordered his drink of choice for this vacation, a margarita.


We took a pretty picture. But let’s face it, I was getting seriously behind in my frequent drinker miles.




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  1. Andrea, are you ok since you’ve been home? What do you think it was?

    1. It took a couple days after I got home until I felt normal. I think it was most likely some kind of bug (bacteria or virus) that someone brought with them to the Grand from their home.

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