Dinner at Venecia and a still unsettled stomach

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We are having dinner tonight at Venecia, the Italian restaurant. This restaurant has been my favorite on certain trips. We ask Victor for a golf cart ride.

We order a bottle of white wine, the Sauvignon Blanc. The SB they used to have was Antares and very good. They have a new one that I didn’t like quite as much. Truth be told, I only drank a handful of the tiniest sips. My stomach was still not up to par. I may not have been the best person to judge it.

Zung got the Calamari. I think it looks greasy in this picture, but he said it was good. Since I’d rather die that eat Calamari, I’ll have to take his word for it. They were served with a martini glass full of ice and several lime wedges on the edge. I thought that was a unique touch.


I got the Salmon Carpaccio and it tasted very good and went down very well. I was encouraged.


It was prepared differently than it has been in the past and I liked it.

Zung got the veal and he said it was very good.

I ordered the fettucine. I’d had it before and it was always good, a little on the dry side, which is what I was looking for. However, this was another thing that was prepared differently than in the past.

It is much creamier and instead of green thin noodles, they use thicker egg noodles. It probably would have been very good if it hadn’t been so rich. I took a couple bites and my stomach said, “Yea, that’s enough.” I rested a bit and tried another bite and my stomach said, “Yea, don’t even think about eating any more of that.”

The waiter saw that I wasn’t eating it and came over and asked if I wanted something else. I reassured him it was good, but I was not. Zung ate quite a bit of it.

We called it a meal.

The waiter saw our camera and offered to take our picture.


We went to the lobby so I could exchange some money. I’d started out with quite a few pesos from my last trip, but we tip generously and I’d already burned through my original supply. We then went to the lobby bar because we were looking for Dave and Laurie. We didn’t see them. He later told me they had been there and he’d told Perfecto to tell me they left because they weren’t feeling well. It sounded like we just missed each other.

We sat at a table instead of the bar. We, uncharacteristically, waited a bit for a waitress to come by to take a drink order. Then a man comes by and asks me if anyone has taken my drink order. It is another guest, which I find odd. I tell him no and he asks if I want a drink. As I say yes, I realize I know who this is. It is Eddy aka Ragtop from Trip Advisor. He has an Iberostar name tag and I look for it and sure enough he is wearing it. I knew that he’d arrived because Steve and Janelle had told me and Steve had played a practical joke on him.

He’d just been here in May, and for some reason kept this trip a secret on Trip Advisor. Victor had told us he was coming when he’d checked us in the day before, so it was a poorly kept secret.

We chatted a bit and his wife, Rosie, came over and we met her as well. We continued to chat and then my phone rang. I excused myself because it was my daughter, Susie, and I had not talked to her since arriving. She assured me everything was going well at home.

Of course, before I left, I told her not to tell me anything bad. We have a 14-year-old dog and she threatens to die once or twice a year. Once, while we were here a couple of years ago she had a bad period. Emergency vet (with the accompanying bills) and calls back and forth. I told Susie that I didn’t want to know if anything happened to her. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, so just save the news for me until I got home. She did fine.

I got off the phone and went over and invited Eddy and Rosie to join us. They were talking to a young couple and the woman said to me, “Are you Andrea? I read your blog.” She was Brandi and her husband was Brett. It was my second rock star moment of the trip in as many days. I thanked her for reading my blog and told her I love it when people tell me they do. We saw Candy and Mark and said hi to them as well.

We chat for a while with Rosie and Eddy. Zung has a margarita and I have club soda.

We head back to the room after a bit because I am just not feeling that great and just want to go to bed.


We coordinated nicely tonight.

The bell boy gave us a ride and told us that things were busy because the “big boss” was here. I later learned it was the owner’s daughter.

With my tummy troubles, it hadn’t been the best day. I would gradually improve over the week, but it wasn’t until a couple of days after I got home that I felt completely normal.

The weather had been great though and a sick day on the beach beats a sick day at home.





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