Lunch and an Unsettled Stomach (Maybe it’s not a hangover?)

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We go to Las Brisa for lunch. Las Brisa can’t be beat for lunch. You can eat inside, in cool air-conditioned comfort. You can also eat outdoors and enjoy the ocean breeze.

They have everything.

They have an amazing view.


They have a huge buffet. There are all kinds of ingredients to make a salad. There is a plethora of cooked dishes that changes every day. There is pizza, hot soup, burgers, grilled lobster, giant prawns, chips, guac and sauce, ceviche, meats and cheeses, a roast or whole fish, breads, fruits, ice cream and desserts. They also have a grill set up outside where they prepare something different every day – lamb chops, lobster, coconut shrimp. In addition, they have an ala carte menu with fish of the day, grilled lobster, tournedos, Kobe burgers and veggie burgers. Finally, they have a Ceasar salad station that is usually run by Olivia.

La Brisa should be able to satisfy anyone’s appetite.

The hostess seated us. I just wanted water to drink. Zung wanted a Victoria beer, but they didn’t have any today. The waiter suggested a Negro Especial.


He liked it well enough, but preferred Victoria.

I went to the buffet to see what looked appetizing. I chose a variety of things. Some ceviche, an empanada, some artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some meat stuff. I ate one bite of the empanada, didn’t touch the meat stuff, a few bites of the ceviche. The cucumbers tasted the best. They were the only cucumbers I would have because my stomach was definitely not up for a cucumber mojito.


Zung started with shrimp fajitas.

He enjoyed those. He also wanted to sample the grilled lobsters they were grilling outside today. (I was really bummed that I wasn’t up for that).


He said that was mighty tasty too. However, those giant prawns were calling him. (Maybe they needed to throw them back on the grill if they were still talking). He didn’t want them to feel left out, so he got a couple of those.


My stomach had not been having any fun and I took one look at those antenna and said, “I am outta here.” I told Zung I’d meet him back on the beach.

I saw Steve and Janelle on their way to the pool. When I told them I still didn’t feel good they said Dave and Laurie weren’t feeling well either. Since they had also eaten at Toni’s, I suspected something the Surf and Turf. But Zung and I had eaten the exact same things and he was fine.

I had gone back to the room and taken Arsenicum, a homeopathic for food poisoning. It didn’t work either.

I spent most of the rest of the day trying to find the most comfortable position to be moderately nauseated in. This is when I started to suspect that this was more than a hangover. By now a hangover would have vacated the premises. This crummy feeling was better than it had been at 4 am for sure, but it was still with me.



While I was dozing, one of the massage ladies came by and talked Zung into booking a massage for the next morning. That surprised me, because he doesn’t usually like massages. It was his vacation though. He could do whatever sounded good to him.

Later in the afternoon I felt good enough to go in the water.


Zung got wet as well.


Self portrait.


Zung took some awesome shots of the water.



There were spots all over the beach with three sticks like the picture above. It had something to do with turtle egg nests.

At about 5 pm we pack up and go to the pool to get pool cake. They bring a cart to the pool with cake or individual pastries and coffee and tea. We take our cake and go to the spa and enjoy the spa pool and hot tub for a bit. We then return to our room to get ready for dinner.

One more awesome shot of the water. We never get tired of this view.






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  1. Which day were you sick? I had stomach issues (albeit at the Maya) on Wednesday that I wrote off to hangover, but we also met a couple from the Grand who had the same issue on the same day. Something in the water or ice maybe?

    1. I started feeling sick early Thursday morning. But it lasted to some degree until after I came home. I don’t think it was water because then MOST people would have been sick. I think it was a virus.

  2. Wow, great pictures….looks like you had great weather. Hope the tummy thing ended farily soon.

  3. thanks for the beautiful water pics! i never tire of those….ahhhhhh!!!

  4. Did Zung truly eat all that food at lunch? I am impressed! As far as your tummy upset, could it have been the chocolate martinis?

    1. He ate ALL that food! That man can put away food like no one else I’ve seen and keeps an excellent physique.

    2. No. I’ve had as many as three chocolate martini’s in a night and never felt anything like this. This lasted for days.

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