Two Most Important Reunions

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Fabulous Fendis

We walked to Bella Vista. The pathway takes you from the ocean front building, past the pool and right before the Tranquility pool you go into the main building and there is Bella Vista to the right. They always have a breakfast buffet. Through the years and my nine visits they have had lunch buffets and ala carte only lunch service, they have often had outdoor grilled foods for lunch as well, and in the evening they intermittently have had themed buffets.

Zung gets an omelette made by Olivia. He also go a potato cake, fresh sugared donut, and some banana’s that were cooked in some kind of sauce. He really liked the bananas. He also got a plate of fresh fruit. He has coffee every morning.

I got some black English Breakfast tea (with milk and sugar). I love black tea, but it doesn’t love me back when it’s caffeinated, so I limit myself to one delicious cup a morning when on vacation.

I check out the buffet and come back with a croissant and a half a mango. The croissant went down okay until I realized it had chocolate in it, so I just end up eating the chocolate-less ends. I like the mango and it likes my tummy, so I go back for more. Sadly, it is all gone.

I am terrible at remembering to take pictures before I have started to eat.

I have had enough and head over to the lobby bar for the wifi. It is such a pretty walk to get there. Some people have described the decor as over the top, but I love it. I guess I’m an over the top kind of girl.

I order a Mimosa, because although I am not sure my stomach is up for it, this is supposed to be my More Morning Mimosa’s trip. The lobby bar does not make an awesome Mimosa. They don’t use real orange juice. It’s some kind of mix. Not awesome, but the champagne helps you get over it.

Zung gets in the routine of joining me and ordering a latte.

We see Candy and Mark and chat with them a bit.

I had forgotten to sign up for Mexico roaming before we left home, so I do that first thing. I had tried last night, but the wifi wouldn’t connect. It connects this morning and I check my email, play Words With Friends and make a “Live From the Grand” post here on my blog.

The Mimosa is not tasting good and I only drink half.

We walk back to the room and stop by the pool bar to say hello to Daniel. There are hugs and kisses. Daniel is my favorite. (Humberto is very special too). I wonder what it means that my two favorites are both bartenders?

I tell Daniel I am hungover and not ready for a cucumber mojito. But I tell him I will be back in a few hours. I am optimistic that my “hangover” will be gone soon.

We go to our room and get ready for the beach. It is looking good from the balcony.

I love this picture that Zung took.

We put on our swim suits. I have cheated on Victoria’s Secret and am wearing a new suit from Venus. We go out in front of our building. There are not many people on the beach and we have our pick of great spots.

It is time for perhaps my most important reunion. My reunion with my beloved Lounge Chair.


I am so happy to see him. We hug. (I confess, as I am posing for these pictures, I wonder what the people around us are thinking).


He is glad to see me. “Mi amore, it has been a long 6 1/2 months. I have missed you. Come join me for a nice long cuddle on the beach.”

Lounge chair and I have a very special relationship. We have brief, intense interludes, between long separations. It’s not the type of relationship that works for everyone, but it works for us.

I have properly sunscreened myself and I do spend some time in the sun. I settle onto Lounge Chair and I spend some time feeding my soul by finding my connection with the ocean.

Big sigh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I read some on my new Kindle. I love that I can read it in the sun. My iPad doesn’t do so great in the sun. We see Steve and Janelle come out and she comes over to say hi. Roberto, our beach waiter comes by and takes a drinks order. Zung orders a Margerita (his drink of choice this vacay).


I ask for a Coke with lots of ice. This usually makes me feel much better when I am hungover. He brings me an entire can. It tastes pretty good, but it does not work any magic with me today.


Olivia comes by with a cooler bag of popsicles. I am not up for any, but Zung has a coconut popsicle that he said was yummy.


After a couple hours, Zung gets hungry and I don’t think I am going to get hungry, so we go in to Las Brisa for lunch.

Not that you asked, but these were the flip-flops I wore today. You didn’t think they were going to be those tacky rubber things, did you?

Coming up: negotiations with my stomach.


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