Reunions, Havana Siete, Chips and Guac – these are a few of my favorite things

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Zung and I went down to the main pool. I was hoping to get my first cucumber mojito, but Daniel was not there. WTH? What’s up with that? Apparently, his shift had ended at 4pm and he’d gone home! What is up with that?

Steve and Janelle were in the pool and Steve saw us and waved. Janelle saw us and jumped out of the water and hugged me. It was great to finally see her and Steve in person. In the water with them were Candy and Mark, from Trip Advisor. Actually, they are from Dallas/Fort Worth, but I knew Candy from Trip Advisor. They have adorable twins (a niña and a niño) who are about a year and a half and this was their first trip away from them. Like many guests, they are Grand repeat guests.

We chatted for a bit and then we went back to our room to get ready for the 7 pm meet and greet in the bar.

A bottle of Havana Siete was waiting for us. Oh, happy day!



Do you like my dress? I got it from H & M in Denver. We got one of these awesome stores last winter. The best clothes at the best prices. I need to save money on my clothes so I can spend lots of money on my shoes. Clothing styles, they come and go, but a classic shoe can last for decades. Which makes it worth every penny I spend on them. Or the tens of thousands of penny’s, as the case is.

The H & M is downtown, but while we were in Mexico they were opening another store at the mall near us. Oh my. Somebody better take away my credit cards. I almost rescheduled the trip due to this conflict. Just kidding. Sort of.

With a fresh, new, unopened bottle of HC7, we needed to celebrate properly. I like my blog to be instructional from time to time. This is how you properly make a rum and coke, made with Havana Siete.

These are the raw ingredients.

The coke was in the mini bar refrigerator and the ice bucket was full when we got back to the room. It was kept full the entire trip. Every time I opened it, it was full of ice. How DO they do that?

The next step is a healthy serving of rum. Make sure you’re getting your suggested daily requirement of rum. Preferably Havana Club.

Carefully combine coke and rum. You do this by pouring coke into the glass of rum. That is why it is important to put the rum in first. To make sure you get enough rum in the glass.

Ahhhhhh! So refreshing.

Write those instructions down. you want to get it right when you make your own rum and coke. If you can’t get Havana Club (which might be a problem since it’s not available in the US for some odd reason), Zaya rum is quite nice.

Zung was feeling crummy. It had been many hours since we’d eaten and he doesn’t do well with that. I ordered chips, guac and salsa from room service. I sipped on my rum and coke and poured him some juice and then fed him some grapes. The chips, etc, arrive and after Zung eats, he feels better.


Then he puts his hotel robe on.


Just like my CROW is my defining vacation moment, this is his.

We get dressed for dinner. Janelle calls. They are down in the lobby of the ocean front building and are wondering if they should wait for us or meet them in the lobby bar. We go down and we are all looking sizzling hot, so we take some pictures.

First the hot chicas. (Kind of not fair to put me next to this younger, beautiful lady).


The picture of the guys didn’t turn out as well. Probably because they are not as hot as us chicas.


Then we do a group photo.

Then, because it’s not fair to put us old folks next to these attractive young whipper snappers, we do couples photos.

Photo session over, we got a golf cart ride to the Lobby Bar for the Trip Advisor meet and greet. So far I’d had two Royal Mimosa’s, a rum and coke on the plane, a couple of glasses of champagne, and another rum and coke. I needed to start doing some serious drinking!







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  1. We had so many great nights there, but I think this was my favorite one! Having dinner with you and Zung was one of the highlights of our trip! BTW- You looked amazing and I can only hope to look as good as you in years to come! You are always glowing and in such great shape!!! Tell me your secrets so I’m prepared-LOL:)!!
    Luv, Chica J

  2. You both looked gorgeous everytime I saw you! I laugh about how I asked Steve after hearing he was from New York if he knew Nice New Yorker. And poof, you were right behind me in the pool with your cool flamingo floatie for your drink. And then when Andrea walked up I felt like I was meeting royalty. Too Funny!

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