Mexico Surprises – August 2012 Trip Report

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Wednesday, August 22, Day One – Travel Day

Manolo Blahniks from Vegas


Tuesday night was a late one. I’d gone to a yoga class at 6. We’d ordered takeout Asian for dinner. There was still some packing left to do.

All my shoes were packed. These were the shoes that would go with me to dinner.

These were the sandals that would travel and go to the beach.

I had to do my nails. I do Shellac DIY nails, and I was doing a French Manicure for the first time. Along with my toes, it’s a 2 hour-long process. It was about midnight before I turned out the light and my head hit the pillow. I’d taken some Ambien to ensure sleep. In spite of that, I woke up at 3:15 because I was so excited. Fortunately, I was able to fall back to sleep until 5:15, when the alarm went off. We didn’t need to leave the house until 8 am, but it always seems to take more time than I think it will and I don’t like feeling rushed.

Susie comes in to say good-bye before she goes to work. She’s our 23-year-old who lives at home with her two cats, Bella

…and Lucy.

She works at a Daycare/Preschool facility. She takes care of the babies and they LOVE her. And she loves them. She comes home and always has great stories to tell about “her” babies. She told us a story the previous night about one of her co-workers that has a baby in Susie’s room and they walked into the room together and the baby looked up, came running over, and threw her arms around Susie’s legs. The mom just said, “Wow.”

Mama’s and Daddy’s, you should be so lucky to have someone like this young woman taking care of your babies.


Nicholas had come over to help take care of the house and animals. He’s 26 and a sushi chef. He is not into getting up early, so he’d said good-bye the night before. Patrick, our 20-year-old said good-bye when he saw us the previous Sunday.

We finally zip up the last bag and at an astonishing 7:50 am (that is a full 10 minutes early) we pull out of the driveway. Despite being rush hour, it is a quick trip to the airport. We park and are walking to the shuttle when it comes by and waits for us. I consider that a good omen. I am all about good omens and bad omens. You can wait awhile for a shuttle. They used to come all the time, but I guess that was part of cutbacks at some time.

We roll our bags to the Frontier counter (which is as far as it can be from the elevator that we come up on). There is no line at the Ascent/Summit counter. Zung gets his 2 bags for free but I have to pay $20 for mine. Bags on international flights used to be free. We used frequent flier miles for our tickets, so I just hand over the credit card for the bag, and decline the stretch seating which is another $50.

We go through security. At DIA there is a separate security line for Concourse A, where Frontier is. Separate and shorter. And since Zung is an Ascent member it is even shorter for us. The TSA agent looks at my boarding pass and says, “Ohhhh, you’re going somewhere fun!”

Yes. Yes, I am.

She tells me to have a good time. That is certainly the plan.

I wait until the last moment to take off my shoes before going through the metal detector. I am a germaphobe and don’t want to expose my bare feet to all those germs on the floor. Yuck.

We get through security without a hitch and I quickly get my feet covered again in my special Iberostar fanatic sandals.

Next stop is Chef Jimmy’s for our traditional pre-Mexico breaky. Of course there is the traditional pre-vacation Royal Mimosa.

…or two.

Zung stuck with coffee.


He had his first omelette of the trip. After months and months of oatmeal, he was ready.


I had bacon and eggs, over medium.


With our tummies full, we went off to Gate 30.


They were announcing that to board, your boarding pass needed to have “Docs OK” and something highlighted. Ours did not. We waited in line to have them checked, but it wasn’t moving and when they announced they were boarding Ascent and Summit members we tried that, but she said no, we needed that stuff on our boarding passes. We went back in the barely moving line. Zung was really aggravated because this should have been done when we checked in originally.

The lady in front of us was trying to check in without a passport. The gate attendant told her, sorry, you need a passport. She gets somewhat belligerent and says, “I already went through this in Seattle. It’s fine.” That didn’t work, so she tried, “I’ve flown to Mexico before with this ID.” That didn’t work either.

OMG! Who doesn’t know you need a passport to fly to another country? I think, we will never get our boarding passes properly anointed and get on the plane.

The gate attendant called her supervisor and she stepped to the side. The lady was flying with her husband. I didn’t ever see them board the plane, so I don’t know what happened. Not getting to go to Mexico when you think you are going to would be a bummer. If you don’t have a passport, I’m pretty sure you’re screwed with a capital S.

We got our boarding passes anointed and got in the, now, long, line. I don’t care! We’re going to our happy place.

We finally got in our seats, Row 6. There is a lady next to us from the UK going to see the whale sharks in Holbox. Sounds very good, but a lot of work. She’s also going to Cozumel. There is a baby in Row 2 that is just adorable. He seems to stay happy the whole flight. There is another baby that does not stay happy the whole flight. Poor baby. Poor parents. Poor people sitting around them.

The plane takes off. I doze off. There are periods of bumpiness off and on. I have a rum and coke. Well, actually, it was a rum and Pepsi, but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue the same way, does it?

Our plane arrives in Cancun at 3:45.

At long last, we are in Mexico.

I would say, “let the drinking begin.” but the drinking had already begun.

Let the reunions and surprises begin. There would be plenty!




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  1. I wonder how the person without the passport made it to the gate without having it????

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