Breakfast, Pool-time and then Home

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I woke up at 7:20. That meant that I’d gotten about four hours sleep. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Not hung-over, just tired. The night had not been kind to Cindy and Erika, who both had been up sick with GI stuff. Neither one of them had seemed “get-sick drunk”, so it may have been something else.

I puttered around on my iPad until 9. I texted the other room and they were all up. Kristen was still asleep and since she’s a mom with little kids who never gets to sleep in, I just went and took a shower and figured I’d see how late she slept. She was up by the time I came out from my shower. Although she slept “late”, she didn’t get that much sleep either, considering the late hour we all went to sleep.

We went downstairs for breakfast. I had a couple of places for breakfast on my list of places to try. We didn’t have a ton of time because Cindy had to leave by noon for her flight back to Virginia. We went to the Country Club. They were doing a brunch buffet with jazz music. It smelled good, but the $60/pp price had us looking for another option. La Cave had a buffet, but that was $40/pp. There was the buffet buffet, but none of us were interested in that.

I had Society Cafe on my list, but we didn’t know where it was, and in the interests of time, went back to the Terrace Point Cafe. This was where we had breakfast the first day, so it had a kind of symmetry to it.

We had to wait a couple of minutes for a table. They had bottomless Mimosas for $15, so Nicole, Kristen and I ordered those. Cindy and Erika decided to pass, feeling like their bodies had given them the message to lay off the alcohol, for a bit, at least. I think we decided we needed to drink 3 each to make it a good deal. It was a tough job, but we were up to it.

Nicole ordered blueberry pancakes. It was very thick, and she said it was  good.

Kristen and I got the Double Down, which meant we could choose two things.

I got the French Toast with apples, which sounded better than it was, and the corned beef, which I thought was going to be corned beef hash, but was big chunks of corned beef.

Kristen got the French Toast and eggs and sausage. Both came with hash browns. She liked hers.

Erika and Cindy both got oatmeal and shared a bowl of fruit. They said it was great.

We finished breakfast and walked quickly back to the room. It was just about noon and we had called for a late check-out and were told, “No can do.” We tried to do the TV check-out, but there were weird Room Service charges for our room. Several of such small amounts, I am certain there in NOTHING on the room service menu we could have ordered for those amounts. Kristen called and they said they would remove them and would finish checking us out. We packed up and headed down to the other room.

Kristen and I agreed, our room felt calm and serene and the other room was always buzzing with energy and a kind of chaotic feel. It had been a good room. I’d definitely go back to the Wynn!

We gathered and took our bags and went downstairs. We checked our bags with the bell boys and said good-bye to Cindy. It sucked that Cindy had to leave so early.

The rest of us were in our bathing suits and decided to go check out the Encore pools. I didn’t realize the Encore is an entirely separate hotel with its own check-in desk and casino and everything!

We waved our (checked-out) keys at the pool key checker girl and walked around looking for a bit of shade. We found some, but right next to the sun. I did some sun-laying to try to tan a tad because it seemed sad that I would have racked up two trips to Vegas in the last couple months and had nary a tan line to show for it.

We also checked out the European pool, but it had ridiculously loud music. Everyone had their bathing suits on as far as we could see, but I guess some of that was optional.

There were round beds in the main pool with umbrellas. There were signs that said they were reserved and we did see a pool attendant tell someone to get off of one. I wonder how much THEY go for?

Gratuitous bikini shot.

Kristen and Nicole napped some. Erika and I chatted.

I was able to lay in the sun, with frequent trips to the pool to get wet to cool down. It was HOT! Erika and I ordered drinks. I ordered a Mud Slide and Erika got a Margarita. She felt drunk and I felt like I’d just drank a milkshake. No buzz for me. She, however, is the cheapest drunk I know.

True story — first time ever Erika and I went out for drinks after work, we had one martini-like drink and she needed a ride home. Cheap.

It was soon time for us to go. We changed into normal clothes and went to claim our bags. Our limo arrived. Wesley was our driver. He was nice and helpful.

We were tired and sad to be leaving.

We got Erika’s bag checked in and then went through security. Security was not as bad as it has been the last couple times I’ve been to Vegas. We took the train to our terminal and went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Wow! They need some lessons on customer service. The hostess kept asking people if they had time to eat before boarding their plane, like maybe we hadn’t thought about that already. In retrospect, that was appropriate because the service was sooooo slow.

Our waitress was frazzled and literally running. She told us it was her first day back after having a baby. She was dropping things and knocking things over. I wanted to pull her aside and make her do some yoga balancing poses with me to make her calm down.

We ordered drinks and Kristen got coke and put her Whipped Cream vodka in it. We had all tasted it and it was yummy. (Kristen was not drunk, as she appears in this photo – she is trying to look sly).

Erika put a straw in the Cinnamon Whiskey. She looks pretty pickled too.

I guess, “people are not as drunk as they appear.”

Eventually our food came.

I think this salad was Erika’s because it doesn’t look like there are any animal products on it.

This next one was mine.

It’s almost sad that this was our last meal in Vegas. It was so mediocre and we’d had such good food while we were there. Food and shopping, those are my top two favorite reasons for visiting Vegas.

We got on the plane. We taxied for so long, it felt like we were driving back to Denver. I dozed off right after we took off (have I gotten over MY fear of flying, or WHAT?). I woke up when the captain came on to tell us it was going to be a smooth flight and he was going to shut off the seat belt sign, and immediately after the words were out of his mouth we hit some big turbulence. It was kind of funny actually. The timing couldn’t have been better.

We got drinks from the beverage service. However, I wanted a vodka and club soda and the flight attendant gave the last two vodkas to Nicole and Erika, so she gave all three of us the liquor for free. Works for me!

We landed, took the train to the main terminal. Erika got her bag and her hubs, Tim, picked us up and we went back to their house. Nicole gave me a ride to my house.

The next day Erika and I went to the hospital where we work and picked up our “Employee Recognition” bonus checks. It was almost enough to pay for my shoes.

Then we went to Snooze for breakfast. Snooze is a breakfast restaurant in Boulder that ALWAYS has a wait. If I get seated right away, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. This was not one of those days. But the food is always worth the wait.

You can order half a Benny and a pancake. Which sounds like a reasonable things to do.  I did the whole Benny, plus a pancake. I didn’t do the pancake justice at all. It was the coffee and donuts pancake.

Some kind of Benny.

Erika had the breakfast burrito.

We finished breakfast and our vacation was officially over.

Happy birthday, my best friend. She looks pretty hot for a 40-year-old cougar!


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  1. Thanks for the TR ! I haven’t been to Vegas in a V-E-R-Y long time…I think I need to plan a trip:)

  2. I love your blog but how in the world do you get so much time off being a nurse? 🙂

    1. Well, I’m not a real nurse. I’m a lactation consultant, so I’m not really “in the trenches.” I also have been with the hospital where I work over 18 years, so I accumulate time off at a decent rate. I only work 4 days a week, so I don’t need as much time off. The only bad thing is, I’m the “boss”, that is, I am the program coordinator and there are things I do that nobody else does and it just waits for me to get back when I’m on vacation. But I do have a pretty sweet job.

  3. That’s the best looking vegan food I have ever seen. Once on a plane United gave me a vegan meal when I ordered a low fat meal….they barked at me that vegan IS low fat. I couldn’t even tell you what it was. It made for good conversation though with the people I was sitting next to. Then later I heard the flight attendants saying they had an extra salad with grilled chicken if anyone wanted it…

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