Breakfast at Tableau and Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes

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Kristen fell asleep right away. I had a little trouble. There was the thumping noise from the music. Really? On the 39th floor. That must have been some loud music, wherever it was originating from.

Then there was the sound of someone trying to get in our room. I could hear repeated attempts to put a key card in the lock. I got up and looked through the peep-hole. There was a guy standing there, trying to get in with his key card.

Drunk guy, or something more sinister? I took a deep breath, opened the door, and said, “You have the wrong room,” and quickly shut the door. I looked in the peep-hole again and he staggered back until he bumped into the wall. Okay, clearly drunk. He looked at his key card, like IT would have the answer to why this was not his room. And then he staggered down the hall.

All righty then!

I eventually fell asleep. I awoke fairly early. It’s kind of a curse that I can’t sleep late, even on vacation. Kristen was still sleeping. I puttered around on my iPad for a bit. At about 9 I got up, showered and went down to the casino and got some tea from a coffee cart and played some slots. A cocktail waitress came by and I ordered a Mimosa. She wished me luck. I was up $100 at one point, but kept playing and playing and, well, ended up down $100 by the time I pulled myself away and went back upstairs.

(Spoiler alert: the house always wins).

Good thing the girls were all up by then, or who knows how much I would have lost. We eventually got it all together.

We went to breakfast at Tableau. We had to wait for a short time and then were seated. I put my purse down on the floor and the waiter brought this little caddy for it. I’ve never had that happen before. Too cute!

We were not showing any signs of our late night, if I do say so myself.

Breakfast was delicious.

Erika had vegan eggs benedict. Which means there were no eggs harmed in the making of this dish.

I’d say the rest of us made up for it, and then some.

Nicole had the traditional benedict.

Cindy had an omelette.

I had the duck hash and eggs.

Kristen had the special, which had eggs and other stuff.

I had already had a Mimosa, so I didn’t have a Mimosa at breakfast.

We all had Peach Bellinis though! (You didn’t think I was gonna go without, did you?)

I had now been in Vegas over 24 hours and had not yet looked at any shoes! This problem needed to be remedied ASAP. Especially when there was a Manolo Blahnik store right down the way, at the Wynn. That was our first stop.

Sadly, Robert was not there (read my last Vegas trip report to find our who the lovely Robert is). The guy that was there could have cared less if we wanted to buy shoes or not. He did not once ask if he could help us. He just stood there and looked bored. There were some shoes I was interested in. But I’m a snob. If I’m gonna drop that kind of money in your store, you better show a little interest.

So, we left and checked out shoes in another store (can never remember the name of it though). There was a pair of shoes I was interested in, but they did not have them in my size.

Cindy asked me if I was looking for a particular style and I told her I was looking for the shoes that sing to me. When I tried them on, I would know, THEY were the ones.

Next stop was across the street at Palazzo and the Christian Louboutin store. I found about 4 pairs of shoes I wanted to try on there. Problem was, the foolish sales girl did not take me seriously. I handed her the shoes I wanted to try on, and asked for them in a 37. She asked if I wore a 37 in CL’s or regular shoes. I looked at her and said, “Christian Louboutin’s.” As I turned away, I said to Kristen, “Because they don’t make regular shoes in size 37.”

Was this some kind of test?


Doesn’t she know who I am? I am Shoediva!

She brought me the first pair of shoes. A lovely black lace with little bows on them. Loved them. They were so cute. I walked around in them. The other, non-bitchy sales girl told me how great they looked. But then it happened. My foot slipped out of the shoe. I have enough pairs of shoes (around 100, if you really want to know) to know this is a problem, and a problem that does not get better the longer you wear them. It gets worse.

I took them off and asked the bitchy sales girl about the other shoes I had asked for.

“I don’t have them in your size.”

Really? Any of them?

Suddenly, a pair I had asked for appeared, in my size. They were tight in the toe area. The nice sales girl explained to me that they would stretch.

$900 for a pair of shoes I hope will stretch? Yea, I don’t think so.

I can’t remember what the bitchy sales girl did at that point, but it pissed me off and I said, “Let’s go.” And as I walked out, I said, loudly, “She was a bitch.”

I’m not sure what it was that made her decide we were just looky-lou’s, but she gravely misjudged. I WAS buying a pair of shoes today. But certainly not from someone who didn’t earn it.

Next stop was the Jimmy Choo store. The sales girl there was very nice. I tried on a couple of pairs, but they didn’t fit well.

Onward we go!

Next we went to Barney’s. To be honest, the sales guy there wasn’t that great either, but I think he just wasn’t trained well. He wasn’t indifferent, just disorganized.

We all tried on shoes.

Erika. She started out with mostly vegan shoes (which is like being a little pregnant), but eventually degenerated into full on leather shoes from top to bottom).

Nicole tried on these.

I tried on a lot of shoes. But these were the winners. Navy patent leather loafer style Manolo Blahniks. Classics. An investment, really.

And, oh, so sexy!

But these were not the shoes of the day.

Kristen tried on the shoes of the day. She put them on and said it felt like they were making love to her feet.

I wanted to get in on this action. She wears a size 7/37, so I tried them on too. They were super comfy. And so hot!

Everyone else wanted to get in on the shoe sex action.

I am not making any of this up. We wear a range of sizes from 7 to 10 and we all tried on the same pair of shoes and they felt amazing to all of us. It was the Sisterhood of the Traveling shoes!

Erika tried them on in pink.

I had already signed my credit card slip, so I was committed to my Manolo Blahniks. In the end, nobody bought the amazing shoes. But they certainly made for a memorable shoe shopping experience.

They are made by Lanvin, in case you want to feel their fabulousness for yourself.

Mission accomplished, we headed back to the Wynn. There was a quick stop at Walgreen’s and outside the Wynn for some pictures.

I love the composition of this picture.

Erika and I today.

Erika and I two and a half years ago in Vegas. I think we look younger today, don’t you?

Ever mindful of my responsibilities as official trip photographer, I snapped a picture of the Wynn lobby.

Shoe shopping is exhausting. We went back to our rooms and got poolside ready, which included making drinks. Down at the pool we again found 5 chairs in the shade. We asked about renting a cabana, but were told none were available today. Which was odd, because there were several that were empty. Someone pointed out that they may have been rented and the people left for the day or just never showed up. Can’t imagine spending that kind of money (minimum $300/day) and not using it all day, or at all. But, clearly, I am out of my league in Vegas.

I got hungry and tried to order some food, but they were out of all three things I asked for. Boo!

Kristen demonstrated how she could touch her nose with her tongue.

Well, I can’t do it. Can you?

Erika loves cherries. (Did you notice her cherry necklace in the breakfast picture?) She did her toes in cherries.

More cherries would be making an appearance later tonight.

It was clearly time for this group of Cougars to go get ready for dinner and to do some shots of Patron. Or whatever it is grown up girls do in Vegas.


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